Dumb Ways To Die tops charts with new iPhone + iPad app game via McCann + Barrel Of Donkeys

INTRO SCREEN.jpgDumb Ways to Die continues to gather pace with an app game for iPhone and iPad, developed by McCann Australia in collaboration with local game developer Barrel Of Donkeys, claiming the number one free app spot in Australia for a full week.
The game is charting in 79 countries, and is the number one free app in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, and the number one game in those three countries as well as The Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Starring all the characters from the viral hit Dumb Ways to Die for Metro Trains Melbourne, the game allows players to flick piranhas away from a character's private parts and defend another from a snake attack among other ways to avoid being dumb.
Players can also pledge to "not do dumb stuff around trains" at the click of a button.
Says John Mescall, executive creative director of McCann Australia: "With the main Dumb Ways to Die video now close to 46 million views, we wanted to give young people another platform on which to enjoy the characters and, more importantly, to continue to remind them that being dumb around trains can and should be avoided."
Agency - McCann
Executive Creative Director: John Mescall
Creative Director: Pat Baron
Group Account Director: Adrian Mills
Senior Account Director: Alec Hussain
Digital Agency - Barrel Of Donkeys
Game design & development: Julian Frost & Sam Baird
Client - Metro Trains
General Manager Corporate Relations: Leah Waymark
Marketing Manager: Chloe Alsop


Jack Russell said:

Looking forward to the breakfast cereal coming out.

Razor said:

I want a 'T' shirt and some cuddly fluffy toys.

cj said:

How do you measure success?...when your 11yr old has to play 'Dumb ways to Die' to and from school on his iTouch or else!

@Jack said:

Why not, it'd be a world first and you could enterit into product innovation.

Vic Rail said:

Although in the last month we've seen at least two news stories of people falling onto the tracks at train stations. Perhaps it's become trendy?

Ali said:

I think they should add more characters and parts to the game.
For Example:
One where the guy in the washing machine comes and you have to get all the washing in the machine before the guy gets into it.

One with the guy who 'pokes a stick at a grizzly bear', where the player is holding a shield (the shield follows the finger on the screen) and has to put the shield in front of the stick (the one the guy is using to poke the bear) each time he pokes the bear to stop the bear from getting touched so the bear doesn't get angry.

JohnQ said:

I don't know, how do you play the plane game?

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