Simplot revamps its 'Thanks Lean Cuisine' campaign for 2013 via Hello I'm Venus

LeanCuisine1.jpgSimplot has announced its launch of a re-vamped Lean Cuisine campaign that reveals how busy women can have it all, yet eat nutritiously.

The 'Thanks Lean Cuisine' campaign is an evolution of last year's creative, and reinforces
the brand offering: quick and tasty meal options, conveniently packaged for women on-the-

Starting this month, the strategic above-the-line campaign will be rolled out across key women's magazines, digital display advertisements and placement through path to purchase. The media plan works in partnership with the sponsorship of this year's Cleo Bachelor of the Year competition, extending the reach to a younger audience.
Lean Cuisine2.jpgThe advertisements created by Hello I'm Venus celebrate the modern woman's mission to
eat well, whilst juggling a busy work and social life. Set against a sleek black background,
they showcase a mix of carefree feminine attitude and delicious new meal combinations,
using Lean Cuisine's simple and engaging brand messaging.

Says Bec Brideson, founder of Hello I'm Venus: "This campaign reinforces the nutritious,
convenient options for women that Lean Cuisine provides. The campaign is a cheeky shout
out to her. We know that behind every successful woman is her microwave."

Says Tara Lordsmith, Simplot Australia general manager of retail marketing: "Our loyal
community of over 55k Facebook fans have told us they enjoy the cheeky and sassy
attitude that comes with the Lean Cuisine creative. The development of this campaign
demonstrates our understanding of the modern woman and her vision to succeed in all
aspects of life."


ian said:

I'm not sure the target audience, never mind this blog will run with this one regardless of what the client says. I feel like I've been transported back to the fifties.

?? said:

So if you have 55k on facebook why just do 1980's ads?

Germaine said:

It's not that it's written in a patronising tone totally devoid of an idea, it's the fact that it's written by women that really bothers me...

Ventur Spleen said:

What a load of marketing spin. A lot of words that say nothing. How out of touch with their target audience can you get? Women and men should stand up against this type of ugly and shallow stereotyping!

Sad said:

Talk about post-rationalising a mediocre press ad into something it's not. And as for a microwave being behind every successful woman, what do you even say to that. Shameful

This is shit said:

this is shit, with shit on top.

Don said:

I find this degrading to men. I'm going to take my Y-fronts off and burn them...who's with me.

Mystified said:

Maybe it's me but this feels like an agency and client that think women are idiots.

It's patronising, dated, sexist and lacking any understanding of women let alone loyalists to the brand. As for 'thanks LC' - can we get the brand in their somehow so it feels like it actually means something?

This is embarrassing for all concerned. The only lesson anyone will learn here is what is feels like to waste what I'm sure are valuable marketing $$$.

ME said:

I dont understand why they would mention a lot of Facebook friends and this ad. The lots of facebook friends shows that there is passion for the brand, yet these ads are..... not good / and dont do anything with the Facebook people

either or said:

Venus is an agency which specialises in advertising to women, and supposedly they get women better than a regular agency does.

Does this then mean that women are as vacuous and empty-headed as these ads suggest they are? Because this stuff is straight outta 1955.

hah said:

Hey, women take AGES to get ready.


Kill me.

blurgh said:

These ads are experiential. Like the product they leave a bad taste in the mouth

Adcynic said:

Women traditionally had to cook for everyone and a microwave saved them time.

Mwaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaardy har har.

Kill the client.

mmmmm said:

Client - Its not your fault you make shit food why would you try to make decent communications.

Agency (Hello I'm Venus) - you should be ashamed of yourself. For an agency that promotes itself as a "Specialist Women's Agency" creating such 1980s style cliche sexist crap is appalling.

If this is what you think of women and your entire target audience is women you may need to look at the business strategy.

Not a woman said:

This has to be a shit stirring prequel to the real work because if a guy came out with this, he'd be laughed outta the boardroom and branded a sexist pig.

glamwhitetrash said:

Have they lost the Simplot? They deserve to.

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