St. George's Bank's rebrand inspires Aussies to 'start something' via Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney

ST.jpgSt.George's new brand campaign - 'Start Something' - will encourage Australians to unleash their 'little dragon' and get out there and start whatever it is they want, whether it be a fresh start, a first start or a re-start.
George Frazis, CEO of St.George Banking Group said the public will see a refreshed and re-energised St.George brand, linking back to the roots of St.George which this year celebrates 75 years.

Says Frazis: "St.George was built on a foundation of helping people 'start something' - helping people to start saving for their first home or helping them start a business. This is the underlying concept of our brand refresh - we want to challenge and inspire people to get out there and start whatever it is they really want to do."
Says Martine Jager, general manager strategy, marketing & customer experience: "St.George is passionate about helping customers and our local communities. We're here to help people stop renting and start buying - if that's what they want. Start bidding, start building, start owning, start a business - whatever it may be, we're here to help Australians just get out there and go for it."
Developed by St.George's newly appointed creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi, Jager said the new campaign will reach Australians throughout NSW, ACT, Queensland and Western Australia in both city and regional locations. 
The advertising campaign comprises of TV, print, OOH, in branch, digital and social media, with the TV commercial featuring a little girl encouraging viewers to follow their inner dragon and start something they've always wanted to do. The print, billboard and other media also have inspiring messages for people to have a go and listen to the little dragon that we all have inside of us.
Says Jager: "We're really excited by the new campaign and hope that more people will back themselves and, with St.George's support, unleash their little dragon! It takes courage and confidence to start something new, and that's what we are hoping to inspire."


Monday morning Norman said:

Good work, nicely done.

DoT said:

Awesome casting.

DoT said:

Awesome casting.

just saying said:

the only way this works, is if there is more than ads.

whats the initiative that makes it easier and/or more attractive to start with STG?

Donny said:

Well done S&S. Well done St. George. A step in the right direction for all parties.

for christ's sake said:

Yeah I love being told by some 9 year old brat what to do with my life. Only in advertising land does anyone get up and dance in the morning. Like most blokes I scratch my nuts and wander into the loo.

Just how annoying u wanna be? said:

Damned straight 10.37am, I don't want to be lectured by a kid, especially not one as annoying as that one

taz said:

@ for christ's sake: thank you

Is don said:

is good.

sas said:

is that it ? start something?

Matt said:

Same old shit from St George, clients get the work they deserve and they deserve this.

Throw in the tail said:

Oh... and we'd better throw in the dragon.

Bring back smacking said:

Such petulence, not from the little kid (although he's well annoying) but from Saatchi's ripping off CommBank's strategy.

Saatchi mash up said:

St George Can?

confused said:

Up until the penultimate frame, I thought it was a 'can' ad for CBA. Once it was revealed that it was for STG I hated it even more. Pretentious wankery.

A Human Being said:

I like it. A lot.

The reaper said:

Nice piece guys. Well done.

dimes said:


Eels fan said:

There seems to be quite a few disgruntled people on here today.

For what it's worth, I like it.

She comes across well, unlike the kids in other ads that frequently grace our screens.

To say that comm bank owns the strategy is ridiculous.

ANDY said:

Nice little piece of film.
Unfortunately I'm a customer who is thinking of moving my account why ?
ATMs seem to be very old,still having to fill out a deposit slip.
The loan process forget it. i'm still working with a debit card that without the latest chip can be easily hacked and has been.
So maybe to put some fire back in this old brand spend some money updating.
Then run this nice little piece of film.

Nice reference said:

That kid is going to grow up to be this guy:

Wendy said:

I love this ad. What a fantastic little actress the girl is. Well done.

So much negativity said:

Change was needed and I think it's great.. Well done St.George, nice one S&S. Outdoor execution also looked good this morning, certainly made me take note on my walk to work. Will people move banks? Who knows, but as a rebrand exercise I think it's a job well done.

Ryan said:

Has anyone noticed the logo rebrand? they've added a slight serif to the r and the g which together look like a little dragons head. great stuff!

Confusing said:

Are you sure that's a girl in the comercial ???, Saving for motorbikes karate etc, Not that girls cant have or so that. But, has caused some talk around work.

Upbeat said:

I love love love this add. Did it make me want to change banks? No. But it did inspire me to get up and do 'something'. Personally, this is my favourite add on tv. And the kid is adorable, very talented and definitely a girl. Why can't a girl do all those things, many do but she is suggesting that we do them, not necessarily her. To all those negative critics, for goodness sake stop being so pessimistic and start appreciating the good things life has to offer, just as the kid suggests.

Me said:

I thought it was a boy with long hair..

debate said:

We are debating is the kid a girl or a boy ?? I think a boy.

whinger said:

Does the ad make me want to change banks? Absolutely not.

But that little girl is certainly very talented and will go a long way as she gets older.

I don't think that the ad does much to move people to shift to st George, because its only an ad, and we all know that banks rip us off, including st George. They think nothing of creating new fees and slug us with them.

Noelene said:

what a gorgeous little girl! where did you find her!

shazzygirl said:

I. Any understand wht she says about the outside toilet? Anyone?

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