Coles launches unreal deals with its average bloke ambassador 'Col' in new work via Big Red

ColBigRed.jpgColes has launched a new TV spot and infograph introducing Aussies to its new average bloke front man 'Col' via Big Red.

The TVC showcases Coca-Cola's drop down in prices of its 24 can pack within QLD, NSW and VIC stores.

Creative: Big Red
Media agency: MB3


... said:


The New Girl said:

What a babe!

getting even more down down down said:

lowering the bar even further...just what drugs is he on that keeps him in his stupor?

the commentator said:

the actor looks as embarrassed as I would if I had to make this piece of work

Joe Punter said:

Anyone that hates this spot does not know the Coles consumer at all. The punters will love it, my mum, sister, girlfriend will all laugh at it.

I think that the actor is having a laugh at himself BTW . . . and it certainly not nearly as cringe-worthy as some of Big Reds other work . . .

Maybe Ted's doing a litmus test on some younger folk to get it right.

P.S. I don't work for Big Red but would certainly sign up if they expanded beyond Melbourne.

Down Down said:

Bit confused. I thought they just launched 'down down' with that band.

wow said:

looks like its done by some high school kids... after watching pineapple express and superman in that order

Confused said:

Re Joe Punter....aren't all consumers punters in the eye of the retailer? whether it be luxury brand suppliers or the dirty down, down retailer. They want our business.

Coles has some fundamental flaws, they forget the are speaking to everyone and some of us just don't go there due to there:
a] advertising
b] how they treat the australian farmer and fruit and vegetable guy

I am sure your mum and girlfriend would be pleased and proud that you have placed them in the category of people that live in the middle of BFNW!

Big Red strikes again said:

Joe Punter, seriously mate.

Curtis said:

Looks like I went too hard on negotiations. I just didn't believe them when they said they had a super hero as a back-up. I'm the super hero and my time is done.

@confused said:

So by your reasoning, Big Red should make ads that talk to absolutely everyone, even pretentious ad people? Yeah, cos that's always a recipe for effective work.

You should give Ted a call and tell him how to write a 'clever' ad. Because the broad, fun, stupid and catchy stuff they currently produce (that is working its pants off it would seem), is just all wrong.

When will HE learn!?

Oh, brilliant said:

Why do people think retail has to be shit?

Look at Volkswagen surprisingly ordinary prices. Look at fair go bro. Then look at this. It's shit on the shittest of levels, and franklins-ly, I'm f-ing offended.

Re @ confused said:

Hey mate - there is not mention of the word 'clever' in my comment. Just explaining that we are all consumers - even us who work in the industry.
Oh brilliant sums it up. Retail does not have to be crap to engage the everyday person. KMart is a good example of well done creative currently for a retailer. Miles above what is coming out of the competition -Target, speaking of, their work was once engaging, now it is wallpaper.

We do what we do to engage and make it look as good as we can for what we have. Not to drive people crazy - only hurts the brand.


look up in the sky its a bird ,its a plane no its another big bag of money for
How about the Road Runner for home delivery Ted ?

lets laugh at the mentally impaired said:

or some one falling out of a wheelchair, its hilarious ...dont hate the spot just sad that this is how they decide to build a brand...and the one laughing the most is Ted

I quit. said:

That. Just. Happened.

Unreally. Poo.

sad said:

sad thing is, this is actually working, this is the industry we signed up for.

I'm as sad as you.

Mr Canne said:


Aussie Joe's Cousin said:

Try-Hard-Superhero... hmmm... does that make me want to shop at Coles? No.

Down Down... hmmm... does that make me want to shop at Coles? No.

Coles trying to shrug off their selling "fresh baked bread" that was half-baked in ireland... hmmm... does that make me want to shop at Coles? No.

Coles ripping off local producers and replacing brands I like with their own Coles brand... hmmm... does that make me want to shop at Coles? No.

IGA Lockie... hmmm... does that make me want to shop at IGA? No. But I will shop there before Coles, Woolies or Coles because they aren't trying to screw anyone and everyone to make a profit, or shut down smaller competitor businesses and producers so they can put up prices once they have no competition. Plus a local guy owns my local IGA. With the corporate thuggery of Coles & Woolies, no wonder there is a big push back to Butchers, Bakers, Fishmongers & Greengrocers, and local producers.

Unfortunately, Aussie Joe only really cares about price & convenience. So he or she will just head to whatever is closest with the cheapest prices. No need to advertise really.

Spriteman said:

I've got a strong stomach. I can't wait to see Col and the New Girl's progeny.

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