Nancy Ganz reveals the secret body language of shapewear in an integrated campaign via Bashful

suckerinerer.jpgNancy Ganz, the original women's Shapewear brand, has this week launched an integrated advertising, digital media, in-store, consumer trade and publicity campaign and an Australian first with its new extension collection 'Dream Fit Cotton' via creative ad strategic agency Bashful.

The campaign will feature across digital platforms, print, online and through social media channels. Bashful, devised the video content and print campaign and Stellar Concepts will manage public relations.

The campaign creative includes a new 30 second video which takes a light-hearted and comedic approach on tackling the dilemma of trying to explain a woman's need for shapewear for different parts of the body - a secret language of hand gestures, made-up words and sounds.
A series of 12 print stills featuring former Australia's Next Top Model winner Tahnee Atkinson, which follow the same theme as the video piece, will also be featured throughout the campaign. The 12 campaign images are each named after the way women communicate when they talk about shape wear, including; 'smootheroverer', tuckerinerer  and 'firmeruperer'. One still each month will be rolled out across the 12 month campaign period.

Says Dianne Taylor, Gazal group brand marketing manager: "The campaign was informed by the insight that women have a secret language when it comes to talking shapewear. Many women are only just discovering the category and often don't have the right language to talk about it. We trust the campaign will resonate with women, highlighting that regardless of shape or size, all women want to look their best."

Says Emil Vrisakis, Bashful creative director: "Shopper immersions revealed that when buying the product, our consumer uses a series of sounds and gestures rather than words to communicate the products they use and the benefits for their body.

"The 'Define Your Body' campaign sees the creation of a lighthearted new language of the body that celebrates just how great a woman can feel with a little help from Nancy Ganz," he added.

The new 'Dream Fit Cotton' collection is comfortable yet modern shapewear, providing firm support in a soft, breathable fabric. The garments have been created to target the tummy and midriff areas.

Photographer: Max Doyle
Videographer: Dominic Locher
Stylist: Jo Ferguson, Georgia Hilton,
Hair and Make Up: Chris Coonrod, Felicia Yong
Creative Agency: Bashful
Media Agency: Frontier Australia
Client: Gazal


Nancy gains said:

Ironically for a product that's supposed to make girls look slimmer, the clumsy art direction with the shadows adds about 20 pounds.

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