Music-streaming service Guvera looks beyond the digital jukebox with re-engineered User Interface and unlimited free content

guvera_logo_white.jpgHome-grown service seeks to redefine the digital music-streaming experience in Australia

Aussie owned and operated music streaming service, Guvera is poised to redefine the way Australians enjoy their music on the go.
The only service in Australia to offer free, unlimited music streaming across mobile, iPad and web, Guvera has unveiled a revamped offering designed to deliver on the demands of an audience of music lovers increasingly seeking more than just a 'digital jukebox' from their music streaming service.
The service offers a paid ad free subscription and an ad-funded service to provide unlimited access to more than 10 million tracks across every platform. The ad-funded service is at no cost to the user as access is funded by advertisers. Guvera's service is focused on putting the user experience at the heart of its offering.
The recently re-engineered User Interface delivers a simple and uniform experience across web, mobile and tablet, including a new iPad app.
In addition, a partnership with leading Australian music news service, Music Feeds, will deliver the latest Australian and international news, reviews and interviews to Guvera users through a single, central online hub.
According to general manager, Scott Hamilton, the Guvera user experience is about more than just music: "We know that music lovers are increasingly looking for more from their music streaming service; they want information on industry news and upcoming tours as well as access to their music at a time and in a way that suits them. Equally, we know users don't want to worry about data downloads every time they think about listening to their favourite songs - so our service caches tracks to the listener's phone after the first stream so that they don't always need to be connected to mobile data or WiFi in order to enjoy that music in the future."
Hamilton acknowledges that there was some room for improvement when the service first launched in 2010, but emphasises that the changes and additions made since that time ensure Guvera is now in a position to redefine the way Australians consume music streaming.
Continues Hamilton: "We believe this model is the future of music streaming, and that Australians will quickly come to expect an integrated and user-focused experience that offers more than just music. We've added more than 7 million tracks through agreements with all of the major record labels as well as many independents, bringing the total to more than 10 million; we've integrated up-to-the-minute music news into our online offering; and we've ensured we can provide access to our customers at no monthly cost as part of our ad-funded model."
Guvera supports Australian and emerging artists as well as featuring the biggest names in music from around the globe.  Tracks become available at the same time as they are released in-store, keeping customers up to date with all the latest music.
Says Hamilton: "Our model lets users enjoy the music they want to listen to - at no cost, when they want and in a way that's convenient to them. This is the first phase in a program of initiatives aimed at increasing engagement with our users and offering rewards and value beyond simply music streaming."
An ad-free option is also available from $11.99 (through or $14.99 through the iOS app store or Google play.


Madsheela said:

All well and good GUVERA to support emerging Australian artists and big names from around the globe at no cost to the listener BUT I wonder how much you will be remunerating each and every one of the musicians per track/per listen whose music will be available on GUVERA?

Hilton said:

Madsgeela, if you did some research you will quickly discover that Guvera is the only one that agreements in place with the record companies. When the US senate changes legislation shortly it will spell the end of spoofify and the other pretender music apps. Guvera is gold.

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