CB Exclusive: Steve Waugh stars in Toyota's 14th commercial in long-running 'Legendary Moments' campaign launching tomorrow via Publicis Mojo

toyota-waugh-key-frame-web.jpgCB Exclusive - Toyota has launched the 14th spot in its longest-running and ever-popular Legendary Moments campaign via Publicis Mojo. But this time it's a whole new ball game.

Whereas previous ads have enshrined famous moments in AFL, this latest spot relives an unforgettable moment in Australian Test Cricket. The moment features legendary cricket captain, Steve 'Tugga' Waugh and takes us back to 2003 and the final Ashes Test at the SCG in which Tugga notched up an awe-inspiring century on the last ball of the day's play.

15-second teasers will air during the first Ashes Test starting tomorrow (21 November) and will direct fans to view the two and a half minute content piece at the Toyota website and YouTube channel. As an added bonus, Channel 9 will be airing a specially cut version in its popular Cricket Show on Day One of the First test.

Toyota-Moments-2.jpgThe long-form piece will also be hosted on the video section of the Official Cricket Australia app, which viewers will be driven to throughout the broadcast across the Summer of Cricket.

The first Legendary Moments ad was conceived by Publicis Mojo back in 2004, in response to Toyota's desire to engage Victorians around their sponsorship of the AFL. Since then, the campaign has passed seamlessly into popular culture. It's been covered on the front page of major newspapers, in television news reports and discussed passionately on talkback radio and in online sports forums.

Each of the commercials has featured lovable larrikins, Steve Curry and Dave Lawson. The two comedians improvise around a pre-crafted script, whilst the sporting legend himself is kept in the dark.

Says Grant Rutherford, Publicis Mojo national ECD: "Working on a popular and loved campaign such as Legendary Moments comes with responsibility to deliver to what the audience has come to expect and, hopefully, something bloody funny. But the audience will be the judge of that. Moving into cricket provides us with a wealth of Legendary Moments that we look forward to dramatising in the unique Toyota way in the coming years."  

Creative Director and avid sports fan, Michelle Walsh, has worked on 10 of the 14 ads and claims the key to the campaign's continued success is in its authentic, non-corporate nature. "The ads feel natural and spontaneous, which is probably because they are," she says.

"When the sporting legends turn up on shoot day they have no idea what's about to unfold. They're asked to blindly follow the lead of Steve and Dave and just go with the flow. It's real heart-in-mouth stuff."

Adds Brad Cramb, Toyota's divisional manager national marketing: "We know there is a large crossover of fans from football in the winter months to following cricket in the summer and taking our now familiar, storytelling approach of the Legendary Moments campaign will help us to engage and connect to Toyota's sponsorship of Australian cricket. As the campaign has helped us do so with our sponsorship of the AFL."

Agency: Publicis Mojo
Executive Creative Director: Grant Rutherford
Creative Director: Michelle Walsh
Creatives: Michelle Walsh & David Schaak
Team Leader: Steve Anastasiadis
Account Director: Aaron Thomas
Senior Account Manager: Danielle Davies
Production Manager: Oscar Birken
Producer: Joanne Johnston
Production Company: The Pound
Director: Matthew McCaughey & Antony Alekna, Dogboy
Producer: Simone Adamson
DOP: Ed Goldner
Editor: Gary Woodyard
Sound Design: Colin Simkins, Gusto Music

Making of film
DOP: Dave Withers
Editor: Brendan Thomas, Mojo Motion

Photography: Jay Hynes

Client: Toyota Australia
Divisional Manager National Marketing - Brad Cramb
Manager, Sponsorship, Promotions & Events - Andrew Wearing
Sponsorship Manager - Nic Lloyd


( . )( . ) said:

Hahaha. These are still great.

Thought they would have done Ron Barassi.

ex mojo said:

Well done Steve Jackson your concepts live on. Who would have thought a Pom could have created such an on going campaign that Mojo can keep re-energising.

Luke said:

As a massive cricket tragic I have to say I really like this.

heh said:

love it.

John said:

Well done. It's extremely hard to keep someone's attention for two and a half minutes these days, but this did it for me. Anyone with any interest in cricket will love this. Congrats.

ps great performances and direction.

Time to move on said:

Why are so many ex-mojo creatives so bitter?

Boony said:

Best one yet

AFL Fanatic said:

I've been a big fan of these for a while now. When I saw they were attempting the cross over to cricket, I was expecting a big flop. Well done on making it work!

sweet ex mojo said:

Time to move on, i don't think the previous comment was a dig at this at all. it's a credit to jacko and the guys for coming up with such a brilliant, long lasting campaign that punters love, and to michelle and dave for keeping it fresh and funny after all these years.

abbur said:

Well done Michelle. Legend in your own right.

dannyboi said:


Great performance from the Iceman and the red hanky is gold!

Ex Mojo said:

Thank you sweet ex Mojo - that was the sentiment exactly There is a real talent in being able to continue to keep a campaign alive for so long. Time to Move on... take a deep breath now ... and be grateful that you are still bringing this campaign to life with Dave. Well done again to Jacko for thinking of the idea...

sorry, think it should have been hit out of the park said:

embarrassing and contributing to the boganising of the small amount of culture in Australia, obviously targetted at four year olds.

Hey 7:PM said:


Girlfriend of cricket tragic said:

It's funny!!!

Ex Mojo said:

Are you Steve Jackson?
Or his mum?

Ex MOJO said:


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