Hell Pizza launches world-first 3D zombie shooter app game via One Fat Sheep Melbourne

zombie.jpgLeading New Zealand pizza chain Hell Pizzas has hired digital marketing agency One Fat Sheep to develop a world-first 3D zombie shooter on a pizza box.

By downloading the Zombies from Hell augmented reality app onto a mobile device, Hell customers are able to scan their promotional pizza box and play a zombie shoot-'em-up, defending a Hell Pizza store from hordes of marching undead.

The game's design concepts were created by Wellington based design gurus Inject Design.  

The Zombies from Hell application was the brainchild of the One Fat Sheep creative team, headed by company owner Rupert Deans.

Says Deans: "When Hell came to us looking for an innovative new way to engage their customers, we had to think of what would captivate the Hell audience, inspire brand loyalty and drive sales. We cooked up this idea of how cool it would be to play a video game on a pizza box and the magic of augmented reality allowed us to do exactly that."

zombie2.jpgSays Ben Cumming, Hell CEO: "We loved the idea as soon as it was pitched. Not only is it a first in our industry, it fits the brand and our audience perfectly."

Hell customers can win rewards such as free sides and pizza with their next purchase; unlock levels with new zombies & weapons and share their in-game achievements across social media.

Says Cumming: We wanted our customers to enjoy a new experience whilst sharing pizza with their mates but also give them an incentive to come back for more."

Once the game launches, players will experience their pizza box come to life and will be immediately thrust into the action. As zombies attack from all sides, players have a variety of weapons to choose from including machine guns and pizza bombs, which if well placed can lure the zombie swarm with devastating effect.


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Hehe. "Worlds first". Give it up, adland.

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