Central introduces the contemporary Christmas icon, Hipster Santa in a new campaign via BMF

Hipster Santa.jpgCentral, the contemporary retail space located within Central Park (a joint venture between Frasers Property Australia and Sekisui House Australia), has introduced Hipster Santa, the contemporary answer to traditional Christmas via BMF.

He's how old St. Nick would look if Central had a say. He's not big on flying reindeer; he prefers his fixed-gear bike. And don't even think about leaving him out milk and cookies; he only accepts coconut water and gluten-free macarons.

BMF's integrated campaign includes an ambient PR stunt, outdoor (street posters and chalk stencils), point of sale, an interactive digital display and a social strategy where Hipster Santa will be active across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. The campaign's creative strategy is to build brand recognition, increase the public's engagement and interaction inside The Living Mall and activate Christmas sales.

photo[1][1].PNG.jpgIn a three-week-long ambient PR stunt, Hipster Santa has taken over one of the retail spaces within The Living Mall and replaced it with his workshop. This space will be his new home up until Christmas Eve. Here, shoppers will be able to interact with him, get the obligatory Santa photo (selfie-style of course), and get advice on what's hot this Christmas.

In addition to his physical presence in the mall, he and his band, Hipster Santa and the Antlers, will appear digitally on The Living Mall's interactive digital display. Via touchscreen, shoppers can be in control of the music by activating and deactivating different band member's instruments, as they defy the mainstream and play indie covers of photo 1[1].JPG.jpgChristmas carols.

Hipster Santa is also acting as a shopping advisor by personally curating the 'must have' items in Central's retailers. Throughout December, he'll attach 'Approved by Hipster Santa' tags on any item that he personally thinks are totes amaze, and he'll even have it wrapped in his personally branded, recycled wrapping paper.

In the local area, wheatpaste posters and sidewalk chalk stencils, promote the hashtag #hipstersanta, where people can keep up with his daily musings. Being a Santa of the digital age, the man likes to tweet, Instagram and blog, and all his personal content can be found under the hashtag HSanta.jpg#hipstersanta.

Says Hipster Santa: "It's just really appropes for me to be living in such a cultured and creative area. Everyone here is so ahead of the curve - at least 3 or 4 degrees ahead. Plus, The Living Mall's got everything I want. There's a ton of fash and a rad art space where I can work on my book, 'St.Nicholatte - Santa's guide to the perfect latte."

Follow Hipster Santa:
Instagram: instahipstersanta
Twitter: @hipster_santa
Managing Partner: Stephen McArdle
ECD: Carlos Alija, Laura Sampedro
Creative: Patrick Chambers, Mark Carbone
Account Management: Kura Tyerman, Chris Hill
Interactive Director: Nev Fordyce
Client: Frasers Property and Sekisui House


Marrianne said:

That's fresh :)

Ghost of gag's past said:

Hipster jokes are sooooooooooooooooooo tired, however this is prob the best execution. Funny. Workshop/selfies idea is nice.

Love it. said:


Too cool for school said:

Australia doesn't have hipsters, just wankers.

@Ghost of gag's past said:

i was into hipster jokes before everyone else.

matt said:

This is great, in before chorus of old hacks.

Q said:

Love your work Mr Niggles.

Roxy said:

It made me laugh. Ho ho :)

g man said:

totes frothing on this one senor chambord

Yes said:

Totes amazeballs

Ha ha ha said:

Congrats to the marketing team for the sense of humor. Quite a refreshing approach.

THAT NAG said:

Dr. Nags. you Tasty sonofabitch


Perfect casting Mr. Niggles, but where's the fixie?

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