DDB's Adam Burns to hold charity football soccer match on Jan 19 at Centennial Park, Sydney in aid of his upcoming 'Walk to the World Cup' project

non-invite.jpgDDB and Mango's Adam Burns (27) along with his two friends David Bewick (31) and Pete Johnson (30) will hold a charity football soccer match 'Walk to the World Cup XI' on January 19 at Centennial Park in Sydney, in lead up to the England football fan crazed trio's massive 1966km walk across South America to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

The boys will be attempting to set a Guinness World Record for the fastest time a football has been dribbled 1966km and in the process raise £20,000 for the J de V Arts Care Trust. The money raised will be used to build a water well in Bahia, North East Brazil, a place that is suffering the worst drought in over 50 years.
During their journey the football mad trio will be filming a documentary about the role football plays in the lives of the people they encounter. The boys will travel to places along the way that are rich in football history, plying football at the Lionel Messi foundation in Buenos Aires, meeting surviving members of the Uruguayan World Cup winning team and visiting the town in which Pele grew up in.

Walk to the World Cup has already been covered by national TV, radio, print and online in the UK and the boys have garnered support from numerous members of the sporting world, including a good luck message from England legend Alan Shearer.

You can get more information about Walk to the World Cup at www.walktotheworldcup.com and follow the boys on Twitter @Walk2WorldCup and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/WalktotheWorldCup  


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