Prodigy director Samuel Bennetts directs U.S. Leap Motion spot via Acne Production and Dojo

Leap.jpgProdigy director Samuel Bennetts has just completed a campaign for Leap Motion working with Acne Production in Los Angeles and San Francisco based agency Dojo.

The campaign uses rich, warm visuals of people making music, making art, exploring space and science.

Says Carla Madden, Dojo San Francisco agency creative director and voice of the campaign: "We started with the idea of exploring what hands and fingers do already. We see the amazing dexterity they have, how they can communicate things words don't, provide emotion and human contact, and then lead into all the incredible things your hands can do with Leap Motion."

The ads give off an optimistic and accessible vibe designed to peel away any techie intimidation a new device like this might have for a broad audience.

Says Mauro Alencar, Dojo executive creative director and partner: "They don't want to be a faceless brand, they want to make these human connections with their product and that's why the campaign looks the way it looks.

"It isn't a futuristic world, it's people right now having fun with their content."

Director: Samuel Bennetts
EP: Johnny Parker
Line Producer: Caleb Omens
Production company: Acne Production LA
Cinematographer: Rik Zang
Sound & Music: Machine Head - Stephen Dewey
Composers: Kip Smedley & Gregory Jenkins
Editor: Doug Walker
ECU: Geoff Edwards, Mauro Alencar
CD: Carla Madden, Chris Masse
Art Director: Justin Macha, Yi-Fan Lu
Partnerships Manager: Alaina Kretchmer
Producer: Andrea Bustabade
Post Production: Beast


Josh said:

Good on you Sam nice work. Great track.

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