launches new four-part series 'A Moving Miracle' via BWM and Truce Films has teamed up with BWM and production company, Truce Films, to release a four part mini-series in the lead up to Christmas.

The series - A Moving Miracle - follows the journey of expectant couple, Mary and Joe, who are forced to leave their rental property just four weeks before Christmas.

WATCH EPISODE FOUR group manager, marketing operations, Ed McManus says the videos were an opportunity for the brand to have some fun with content marketing and share the Christmas spirit.

Says McManus: "The videos are a light hearted way of demonstrating how can help make the property process simple, efficient and stress free - no matter the situation."

Nicholas Clifford, director from Truce Films, said that the series caps off a busy year of online projects.

Says Clifford: "It was a fun and collaborative process, working closely with the cast and the creative team to make some exciting content for"

The videos will be shared across YouTube and featured on Episode one - the search for a home - has been released today and the campaign will continue to roll out today and tomorrow, with episode two expected to launch at 2pm this afternoon.

The question remains - will Mary and Joe find a home to live in before Christmas?

Client -
Geoffrey Dickman - Marketing Communications Manager
Jackie Pippin - Consumer Marketing Manager
Adverising Agency - BWM
Murray White - Executive Creative Director
Ryan Purcell - Creative
Alexandra Hickmont - Creative
Lucy Trengrove - Onscreen Producer
Hugh Baluch - Senior Account Director
Jacob Hewitt - Senior Account Manager
Production Company - Truce Films
Michael Ciccone - Producer
Nick Clifford - Director


ripper said:

these are rippers! well done...

U Biquitous said:

That guy again. He's the Zach Galifianiakis of Australian ads.

Grrrrr said:

Please stop using that guy.

He's been in every ad, and every shit one too.

Grrrrr said:

btw... fucking terrible.

Casting Director said:

You've got to admit he's versatile; beer, real estate, whatever.

Seriously?! said:

Guys, the actor in this is content is one of the hardest working actors I have ever met and had the privilege to work with. Not to mention he goes out of his way to help, very courteous and incredible humble!
Would hate to see all the "$h7t" commercials you had to work across for your living and put up here (with your face and name on it) for everyone else to rip into.
Wouldn't usually write anything on here, but to rip into such a good bloke is a bit low.

ERncorp said:

There's no doubt he's a great actor (or a good bloke even!), but the fact is he's the new "Ern".

Instead of people thinking about what they're watching, their first reaction is "oh it's that guys from stuff".

S said:

Nice one Ryan, nice little ads.

This guy again said:

Agree, this guy is in EVERY ad.

Might be a great bloke but it's getting a bit much.

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