DrinkWise Australia launches new 'Drinking - Do It Properly' campaign via Clemenger Melbourne

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 8.26.42 am.jpgClemenger BBDO Melbourne has released a new campaign for DrinkWise Australia. 'Drinking - Do It Properly' is aimed at moderating young adults' binge drinking behaviour.

Designed to create cut-through in this difficult to reach market, the series of online-only black and white animated ads create a distinct difference between the 'right' and the 'wrong' way to drink. Featuring a smooth, debonair voice over, the campaign is a radical departure in attitude to traditional advertising in this category.


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DrinkWise ambassador, Dr Andrew Rochford, says an important feature of this campaign is that it does not preach abstinence but acknowledges that most young adults will drink.

Says Dr Rochford: "Drinking - Do It Properly builds on the very successful (Clemenger BBDO Melbourne) Kids Absorb Your Drinking campaign. This ground-breaking campaign challenges young adults to think about drinking properly to stay safe."

DrinkWise CEO John Scott acknowledges that some people will find the campaign's approach confronting.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 8.29.07 am.jpgSays Scott: "Older adults may find it difficult to understand, but we needed to reach young people in their tone and their language, prompting them to self-reflect and talk about this issue within their peer groups which are heavily influenced by social media."

The nature of this highly targeted campaign means there will be no big TVCs, huge billboards or radio advertising. Instead, Drinking - Do It Properly will use social media, a dedicated website (howtodrinkproperly.com), on-premise activations and selected outdoor media and a strategic rollout plan to reach the target audience.

The campaign was created after exhaustive quantitative and qualitative research and concept testing.


Az said:

These look nice James.
These sound nice Elle.


sixty40 said:

Top work dudes.

JJ said:

These are awesome. How the hell did you get them through with the words 'shit' and 'fuck'? I'm impressed.

BS Boulevard said:

The previous drinkwise stuff I can remember never sat well with me, as it always felt like CUB in TAC clothing. This is a safer drinking message from the alcohol industry I can actually swallow.
But only in moderation, of course :)
Well done guys.

Cohle said:

I love this shit.

Nice technique said:

Nice technique, well executed, with a bit of a laugh.

Not bad.

C said:

When it comes to motivating bingers to drink responsibly, it seems that success is a four letter word. At last something in the category that talks to young people in a language they understand. And it's bloody classy like too. Nice one, dudes

Melbourne Creative said:

Excellent work. Well done fuckers.

Anonymous said:

good except for the pommy vo

boop said:


When you are offered another drink, aren't the words 'please fuck off' only said when one is shit-faced?

Confusing message.

Makes me wanna get shitfaced to have such dutch courage to tell someone to please fuck off.

I want some beers now.

2 six packs please.

Nice work said:

Who did the animation?

Bitter Old Troll said:

Can't think of anything bad to say. Confused.

Groucho said:

@boop: Please fuck off. It's good.

working on me said:

very nice

Jacky Winter said:

@Nice Work : Both illustrations and animation were done by Flutter - The animation branch of Jacky Winter. Illustrators were Pete Mcdonald and Guy Shield - Thanks for all the great feedback!

Larry said:

Brilliant ad's. Well done.

eli said:

Trying a 'new angle' to get a message across to young drinkers is worth a shot (non alcoholic of course), but is the message maybe too mature for the target audience to digest? This ad seems to encourage young people to drink, and then expects them to make rational decisions whilst under the influence of alcohol. My experience of finding empty maccas wrappers in my room the morning after a big night, tells me that often my maturity/rational decision making skills escape me from about the third round.

Kate said:

@Eli - OK, but a big budget government style Mass media campaign isn't going to pull you out of a booze-fueled Maccas rampage either. At least they're doing something different.

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