Fuji Xerox Australia launches new campaign for the new 'Smart Work Enabler' via MercerBell

Fuji Xerox Hero Image.jpgA striking Rubik's cube style head is the central image of an integrated campaign from MercerBell for the launch of Fuji Xerox Australia's "Smart Work Enabler".

The new multifunction office solution from Xerox uses facial recognition, instead of a swipe card or password login, and allows users to share and print documents remotely via smartphones and tablets.

Says David Bell, ECD at MercerBell: "The head is closely connected to Fuji Xerox Australia's purpose of helping people to work smarter, and communicates on several levels.

"On a simple level, the image speaks about the many features and benefits such as facial recognition, motion sensing start up and quiet operation. At a deeper level it promises the user an enhanced level of performance and empowerment, to be able to work smarter, do more and share more."
Says Simon Lane, chief marketing officer for Fuji Xerox Australia: "Fuji Xerox is striving to be a customer-centric solution innovator and this campaign reflects our aim to empower people within their workplaces to work smarter so they can focus on their core business."

MercerBell worked closely with creative image production company, Electric Art, to assemble the head using multiple photos taken from dozens of angles. The facial components reflect the different Asia-Pacific markets where the campaign will run.

The integrated campaign includes digital, radio, press, out-of-home and point-of-sale executions.

Executive Creative Director - David Bell
Senior Art Director - Mike Nikotin
Copywriters - Leo Bazjert / Rob McEvoy
Agency Producer - Tori Taylor
Senior Digital Producer - Harley Tesoriero
Developers - Phillip William / AimeeMaree Forsstrom
Digital Designer - Dan Fowler
Group Account Directors - Sabrina Antoniou / Roger Hayes
Senior Account Manager - Joanne Whitney
Graphic Artist - Gene Stapleton
Photography and Retouching - Electric Art
Flash Build - Fluidx and Richard Lama
Chief Marketing Officer, Fuji Xerox Australia - Simon Lane
Marketing Programs Manager, Fuji Xerox Australia - Ines Deciccia
Manager, Digital Marketing, Fuji Xerox Australia - Chad Pearce

Photography: Stephen Stewart for Electric Art
Retouching: Electric Art


Banana Hands... said:

Nice work Milky Pirate....

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sony and Drench said:

Obviously no one involved ever googled 'Rubicks cube head' then.

Copy Copy said:

Playstation did it. Exact copy. See Above Link.

Liked the Playstation version better said:

Do your homework guys or expect to be be shat on!

oh no said:

Oh no. That's a horrible steal. Why post that you're a total thieving hack?

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Robbery of the worst degree. Why would I need facial recognition anyway it's faster to punch in a pin?

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Do things differently

Copy someone else and post rationalise.

This won't sell photocopiers or win awards on that basis.

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Grade: F

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