Mila Kunis asks 'how will you make history?' in new global Jim Beam TV spot via FutureWorks

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 8.24.52 am.jpgJim Beam has made history with the launch of its first global advertising campaign featuring Hollywood star Mila Kunis charting some of the dramatic moments of the brands 219 year heritage.
The TV ad called 'Questions' was created by FutureWorks, a joint venture between Sydney independent agency The Works and StrawberryFrog in the US and Jung von Matt in Germany.

Filmed in the US and New Zealand, the brand campaign features Kunis telling the story of Jim Beam through some of the key moments in its history such as the Civil War and Prohibition through the changing tastes of the 1960s to 1980s.
The campaign, which is set to run in 100 markets around the world, uses Jim Beam's new global 'Make History' positioning and the spot ends with Kunis asking consumer to make their own.
Kunis was announced as Jim Beam's firstglobal brand ambassador last month and in addition to the 'Questions' spot will feature in two other ads for the brand.
The ad is set to launch in Australia in March across free-to-air and pay TV. It will also include digital, print and outdoor.
Says Paul Swann, creative partner at The Works: "The campaign is a nod to Jim Beam's heritage and how the bourbon is lovingly crafted as well as challenging consumers to make their own history whether that be special moments with friends and family or individual achievements.
"The collaboration between all three FutureWorks agencies has been exceptional and The Works is delighted to have played a key role in creating the 'Questions' spot."


Bitter Old Troll said:

American crap. Really, for all the squillions spent on production, how does this differ from a lazy, predictable strategy document?

OMG said:

Well that was a huge disappointment, looks like 3 ideas hacked together in to one very average, but probably expensive TVC.

Yawn.. Next..

Phil said:

I'm sure this campaign took ten times longer to conceive than Woodstock Bourbon from Cummins Ross. Cost five times as much to shoot, once you added in the celebrity endorsement. And you've still only got an ad that isn't even half as good.

Jacko said:

"Would you fight for what is right?" it asks while showing refreshment being served to Confederate troops in their war to maintain black slavery.
Jim Beam, what exactly are you saying?

Streona said:

Too right! As far as I could find out it appears that Beam (although it may not have been "Jim" at that time.) sold liquor to both sides. Even so, the advert shows troops in confederate gray with the tag "fight for what is right".
This is unbelievable and offensive as well as being factually incorrect however you look at it.

Mike said:

Lol, just saw the ad for the first time and immediately thought 'did I hear that right?' when they showed the Confederate troops. Quick google search and your comments confirmed I did.

I find it hilarious that this no doubt made it's way through a design, production and screening process at huge cost no doubt.

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