Sydney's Darling Harbour launches a new 'inflatable' brand identity via Interbrand

DH_2 HERO IMAGE.jpgInterbrand Australia has been commissioned by Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority to develop a brand that would unite the precinct and build a platform for the future.

An in-depth analysis, research and engagement phase followed and led them to the development of a new brand platform and activation strategy for Darling Harbour. Based on this, a highly innovative identity was designed to unite the entire precinct experience under one brand for the first time.
DH_3.jpgSays Mike Rigby, executive creative director, Interbrand Australia: "SHFA's vision is 'to make extraordinary places the world talks about', so very simply - our objective was to get the world talking. To do this we created the world's first inflatable brand identity. This distinctive idea clearly and simply connects: communications, street furniture, way-finding, uniforms and websites."
DH_4.jpgThe identity also brings together a broad range of events including: 'Fiesta' a festival of Latin American music, dance, food and culture, 'Hoopla' Australia's annual Circus, Sideshow and Street Theatre Festival, and 'Santafest' a Christmas party unlike any other.
To further bring the experience to life, Interbrand has developed an augmented reality app DH_9.jpgin collaboration with Sydney-based augmented reality specialist, Explore Engage. Through the app you can follow balloons trails on screen that lead to different areas, play games, pop balloons to reveal special offers, and even send a special balloon message to someone on the other side of the world.
Says David Storey, general manager, Interbrand Sydney: "This isn't just about a new brand identity, but a strategic activation plan that will improve the Darling Harbour experience for everyone."
Says Julian Boram, SHFA director of marketing: "The new identity system for Darling Harbour has given us the tools to talk about the diversity of the offer and the variety of events in a cohesive way, that engages our tenants, Sydeny-siders and visitors."
Following on from their successful work for Darling Harbour, Interbrand is now working with SHFA on an exciting branding project for The Rocks precinct. So watch this space in 2014.
Agency: Interbrand Australia
Executive Creative Director: Mike Rigby, Chris Maclean
Designer: Diana Chirilas, Britain Smith, Ed Hall, Eric Ng
Writing: Lex Courts
Management: David Storey, Matt Hinchliffe, Damian Borchok
Strategy: Dean Christie, Gareth Stewart
Client: Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority
Director, Marketing and Partnerships: Julian Boram
A/Director, Marketing and Partnerships: Nicole Florio
Head of Design: Michael Donohue


Laz said:

Well, it's not hard to rip off Banksy's famously reported 'balloon graffiti' concept in New York a few months back.

Shimwow said:

The number of pics, posts and shares should be incredible. Great idea - highly visual and experiential. Good on you Sydney and Interbrand

Circling sharks said:

Garish. Over inflated. Full of hot air and lacking any real substance or centre. They fucking nailed Darling Harbour. Hats off, seriously.

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