Snickers continues the 'You're not you when you're hungry' campaign in latest candid camera- style experiment via Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne

SNICKERS-1.jpgSNICKERS-2.jpgCB Exclusive - Clemenger BBDO Melbourne and Snickers has staged a candid camera-style experiment on the streets of Melbourne to prove that construction workers are just not themselves when they're hungry.

On a construction site in central Melbourne, a team of builders (actors) offered comments to passing pedestrians and office workers. The twist? The builders surprised and delighted the unsuspecting passers-by with positive and empowering compliments, even eulogising about gender politics and feminist theory, much to the amusement of the unsuspecting general public.

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne executive creative director Ant Keogh says making the campaign has been a lot of fun for the agency: "It's not always easy to create a local adaptation of a global theme, but with Snickers, it's been an absolute delight. The whole premise of 'You're not you when you're hungry' gives us enormous scope," he said.

Brad Cole, Bars Segment Lead is thrilled with the result: "There were a few nervous moments while we were filming the reactions but the public took the experiment in the spirit in which it was intended - to charm and amuse them," he said.

The experiment continues the internationally lauded (and hugely popular) 'You're not you when you're hungry' Snickers campaign. The campaign launched at the 2010 SuperBowl with the now famous 'Betty White' commercial. Subsequent executions have featured stars such as Joan Collins, Aretha Franklin, Robin Williams and in Australia, Joe Pesci and even Ray Meagher in his first ever advertising role.

The premise of the campaign is that you become someone else when you're hungry - and as such, behave unexpectedly.

Creative Chairman: James McGrath
Executive Creative Director: Ant Keogh
Copywriter: Andre Hull
Art Director: Lee Sunter
Senior Producer - TV: Lisa Moro
Planning Director: Michael Derepas
Planner: Matt Pearce
Group Account Director: Jennifer Chin
Senior Account Director: Tim Clark
Director: Nick Kelly
Camera Operators: Andrew Dunlop / Chas Mackinnon / Jimmy Harmswort
Editor Graeme Pereira, The Butchery
Executive Producer: Edward Pontifex
Producer: Nikolas Aulich
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Post Production Company: The Butchery / The Refinery
Flame Artist: Eugene Richards, The Refinery
Sound Designer/Engineer: Stevo Williams, Flagstaff Studios
Sound House: Flagstaff Studios


haha said:

Haha, nice

I'm glad you're not you said:

Have a Snickers... Then you too can be a sexist prick! GREAT BRAND MESSAGE!

Germaine Greer said:


Very said:

brave indeed

Ummm said:

This is nice to watch for their reactions, then has you scratching your head thinking about the message. Have a snickers and become an arsehole again?

Greidy said:

A brilliant extension of a great campaign.

Bloke said:

It made the ladies here laugh

Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse said:

Can we have our sketch back please?

My outtake said:

Do NOT have a Snickers. Er....

Cringe said:

That's all.

Nick said:

So they're better people when they don't consume the product?

Paul said:

Yep, I agree. Not very well thought through at all. The rest of the campaign sees people turn into arseholes when they're hungry. This particular execution does the opposite.

In all seriousness said:

I like premise of the execution, but as an iteration of the Snickers idea it feels a bit trite and counter-intuitive.

Confused said:

Is the message that the stereotypical construction worker is usually hungry and thats why they're misogynistic, or that these guys are hungry and that's why they're pleasant? I'm genuinely not sure.

Heineken said:

Just like the Heineken uk campaign with the garbage men tip toeing, being nice and silent.

Cute said:

I love it. And I'm a girl.

yeah said:

hmm, i like the ad but the message - just not sure on yet

Stan said:

Yes if you take it literally it's saying builders are normally dicks, but it's funny and it made the girls laugh. So who cares?

Joe said:

It's funny but wow what a damning indictment of construction and blue collar workers... Surely this will alienate a lot of people.

where was it shown? said:

Apart from Clems lunchroom and wouldn't it have been better without the intro titles having to explain what was to come?

oh said:

Totally agree with the Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse sketch.

Only difference is, the sketch was funny

Movedon said:

I get it… Blokes not being blokes when they're hungry... but it's kinda boring… think the internets moved on since NAB break up guys...

I'm a girl said:

And I didn't laugh, sorry. And candid camera? Are we still doing this?

again said:

oh look! More beard men!

Nick said:

Ironic, considering it operates on the sexist assumption that working class men are sexist.

Jimmy the Nose said:

I love it but then again I'm actually hungry. So I'm going to get a snickers so I can get back to writing hateful comments.

doubting thomas said:

it's the brilliant strategic insight that makes this campaign great. doing good creative work for it should be like shooting fish in a barrel. i don't think that this work is great - i agree that the key thought is that being hungry makes you worse, not better. having said that, it's a shame that there aren't more campaigns around that are so strongly grounded strategically.

I'm a girl too said:

I find groups of men yelling at me, regardless of the message to be a form of bullying – telling a me to smile, or an over the top "HI DARLING" when you are walking alone? Creepy and aggressive. This sucks. I'm no fem nazi either, just sick of this kind of harassment bullshit.

Also a girl said:

@I'm a girl too. I totally agree 100%. Yelling out anything is creepy harassment. Shut up and do you job and don't yell out anything.

In any case in the REAL WORLD when some pack of dickheads on a building site whistles, tells you to smile or yells something they think is a delightful complement you should appreciate but you don't respond - you end up getting abused.

Talk about a good campaign turned bad.


Hats off to the creator of this ad, it is a ripper, and to just have everyday people instead of extras on the ground......priceless. I work on jobsites like this so got a good laugh. For all the knockers, if we carried on like that on site,in this day and age, we would be sacked on the spot, so lighten up and have a giggle, that's what it is all about, k???

You sure the client knows about this.... said:

Have a Snickers and you to can become a sexist prick.

I'm a man.

Sally said:

I also quite like the ad but very confused by the message - I definitely took it as "have a snickers & become a jerk" rather then the other way around. I get that it's supposed to be a candid camera thing but it could have used a nice grade.

@GANGSTA said:

You don't work on job sites like this. No one who does would be reading and commenting on this blog. You might know someone who does, but you don't.
Even using knockabout blokey terms like 'ripper' and 'priceless' isn't convincing.

Wowsers Everywhere said:

Sure are lot of politically correct wowsers on this forum. It's a funny ad - just enjoy it instead of the constant hand-wringing and tut-tutting.

Andrea said:

WHAT? Why would you want to say your product will turn people into sexist idiots?

Did the agency even bother to get out of the office to do research? Here's to the big Aussie Cringe. Get real Ad land and move with the times

Listen to some real tradies...
"..wolf whistles,passing sexual comments or even compliments,or any other such actions by workers on construction site is more than likely to see us sacked,.... we get a bit tired of the stereo type people put on us, these days we are not beer swilling pie eating foul mouthed uneducated womanising yobos,...most of the men i work with are gym junky health freaks who have atleast 8 HRW classifications plus,...Girls we have been educated by our employers and contract companies to respect the general puplic...."

Periodontist said:

This ad is all sorts of wrong. Backwards, misogynistic (even though they're trying SO hard not to be) and cringe worthy.

Also don't eat a snickers. Your teeth will rot.

Proven said:

Nearly 500,000 hits in one day. It's creating global conversation around the brand and as far as I can tell, it's only on Youtube (ie. not TV).

Isn't that what we're all paid to do?

Cat said:

This ad sucks and so do snickers. ( I don't eat crap) A put down to women !
Want to know how much snickers payed for such rubbish to be produced !
Why don't you create award winning ads that empower people. male or Female
I would or rather seen someone (male) shove a snickers up a males ass during there lunch break in the board room and really enjoying it, and let me tell you most men do.
" Your not you,when your hungry" I bet your not !
Enjoy : )

Mrs Tradie said:

I love Tradies and Snickers! :)

whoops said:

we accidentally reversed the message of the strapline. Um .....someone must have been drunk in the pre pro meeting?

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