Nissan demonstrates the speed of Nissan GT-R in new print campaign via Whybin\TBWA Melbourne

1. Nissan GTR_Quick Brown Fox.jpgWhybin\TBWA Melbourne has created a print campaign to give the audience a new perspective on speed and on the Nissan GT-R. Simple, everyday actions like signing your name, typing on a computer, or singing a well-known song became a visual comparison to show just how quick 2.7 seconds actually is.

The Nissan GT-R is the most exciting vehicle in Nissan's line up. It enjoys a cult following and its incredible performance has earned its respect amongst the motoring community worldwide.

The 2014 GT-R does 0-60mph (0-100km/h) in just 2.7 seconds and this new campaign shows just how quick that actually is.

The campaign comprises three executions.

2. Nissan GTR_Happy Birthday.jpg
Executive Creative Director: Paul Reardon
Senior Art Director: Bruce Baldwin
Senior Copywriter: Brent Liebenberg
Designer: Simon Redwood
Designer/Finished Artist: Gavin O'Brien
Retoucher: Kyle Black
Head of Print Production: Tony Hall
Head of Studio: John Lamanna
Group Account Director: Mike Napolitano
Account Director: Matt Chiodo
Client: Nissan Motor Co. Australia PTY. LTD.
General Manager Marketing Communications: Greg Moore
Marketing Communications Specialist: Dean Bonthorne
3. Nissan GTR_Signature.jpg


Doug said:

Classic / awesome

Been a while since I flogged cars... said:

But I'm pretty sure this contravenes the code relating to advertising speed.

Groucho said:

@Been a while even a cursory reading of the code would tell a literate person that there is no contravention here. Envy perhaps though.

Tut tut said:

Promotion of speed is soooo last century. I was doing ads for fast Nissans back in the 80s. Everybody knows a GTR is ridiculously quick, exactly how quick is unimportant and particularly insensitive in a wanky, boastful kind of way - not to say irrelevant in the era of ubiquitous speed cameras.

Nick said:

Yeah, these are ok. In adland, I'd actually go so far as to call them 'good'. But in the real world, I strongly doubt a prospective GTR buyer would linger on the page for 2.7secs to digest this. Classic case of creatives getting carried away with their own creativity.

phil said:

I really like these ads. Well done guys. And having worked on many car brands over the years, that's praise indeed. As far as not appealing to prospective GTR buyers in the real world goes, that's total bollocks. The first thing a GTR or any sports car buyer wants to know is what the 0-100 time is. Nick, you obviously aren't in the target market for a sports car or you'd know that already.

Bear said:


Any fool can play the critic and most fools do.

Datsun-lover said:

The logo is almost as big as the idea.

Nick said:

Phil, I've bought 4 sports cars in a row, and I know plenty. That's my point. You may have confused the accompanying copy in the Campaign Brief article above as being part of the ad itself. The ad makes no mention of how quick the car really is. I see a metaphor for speed in the ads, but no fact to seal the deal. When I read the article I found out that this new Godzilla does 0-100km/h in 2.7 secs and thought 'wow!' Unfortunately, that's not in the ad.

Bear, any fool can write a metaphor and miss the target.

Zzzz said:

Find this on the homepage of scamsoftheworld and you'll see exactly what's wrong with it. It's simply not different enough, it's the orthodoxy. There's listing after listing of ads that look exactly the same from all over the world, each crafted to within an inch of their lives but ending up as homogenous body of would-be "award-winners". Together they form a faded mosaic of deep-etched products, line art and tiny logos on a wan background Blame the curator of the site, blame Archive, blame the judges at awards. But there has to be a better way to advertise a nice car to a sophisticated audience than in a press ad executed like this. Why do clients continue to buy stuff like this when there are so many other ways to engage with their audience? Why do creative directors continue to push their teams in this direction? And how can you seriously expect customers to believe a car is innovative when the way you communicate with them is so clearly not?

Piss off said:

Simple. Stylish. Zzzzz you're a goose..

Fuuuuuuuuuuuck said:

Awesome, classic, simple, beautiful print.

Wish I had done it.

Zzzzz said:

The only people that come back to a thread after it drops off the front page are the people who created the work and the psychotic h8ters. I know which one I am 9.56 and 10.36. Which ones are you?

Ragul Surajith said:

wow. this car is fastly goes

Stiggy771 said:

@Nick, if you can't fathom how long it takes to read a couple words....

Ragul Surajith said:

@Stiggy771 you no idea what i talks about.
@Nick you are best

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