Guilty's Edwin McGill shoots 'haunted' spot for Melbourne Writers Festival via JWT Melbourne

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 8.02.57 am.jpgGuilty's Edwin McGill has recently directed a new spot 'The Haunted House' via JWT Melbourne, to promote the new Twists & Turns app, part of the Melbourne Writers Festival.

Written with a dark air of gothic humour 'The Haunted House' presents a tactless lawyer with news that a medium-to-highly haunted mansion has been left to father and daughter by an unknown great-aunt. The concept plays on the classic haunted house story archetype with subtle, off-beat performance based comedy.

Says McGill: "It was a lot of fun working on this with the JWT creative team (ECD Richard Muntz and creatives Gabriel Woodmansey & Jono Aidney) for the Melbourne Writers Festival. Supporting writers is something I truly believe in. After all, it would be a pretty dull world without them."

Twists & Turns is not only an interactive app, which uses the location of user and the streets of Melbourne as part of the literary experience, it also ingeniously allows you the viewer to actually choose the direction in which the 'The Haunted House' story develops.
Twists & Turns will be available mid-August to download.

Richard Muntz, executive creative director of JWT Melbourne, said that while Melbourne Writers Festival already has a loyal following among literary devotees, it was important to broaden its appeal and showcase the Festival as a destination for everyone.
Says Muntz: "Melbourne Writers Festival is not an age or lifestyle thing; it's about human curiosity and it's for readers, writers and thinkers.

"This year's creative strategy takes storytelling to a new level and is aimed at people of all ages, from students to professionals, families, the young and the old; everyone with a curious mind.
"Through the art of storytelling, we are showing just how much there is to the Festival and have stayed true to the Festival's celebratory, fun-filled and colourful spirit."

Want to choose your own ending to 'The Haunted House'? go to

Richard Muntz - Executive Creative Director
Gabe Woodmansey - Art Director
Jono Aidney - Copywriter
Andy Segal - Copywriter
Chris Hince - Art Director
Kellie Lennon - Client Service Director
Nikia Shepherd - Senior Account Manager
Bill Louloudakis - Digital Producer
Ander Hernando - Digital Designer
Eyvonne Carfora - TV Producer
Sherry Harvey - TV Producer
Miryana Velanyovski - Print Producer
Leena Van Deventer - Branching Narratives Expert
Tactify - App Developers
Production Company: Guilty Content
Director: Edwin McGill
Producer: Jason Byrne
Casting Agent: Chameleon Casting
Sound Production: Risk Sound
Post Production: The Butchery and Refinery


Tom M said:

Sweet spot nice performances

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Ok that is actually cool

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Nice one Ed!

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Love this idea! Best thing I've seen for a while.

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Like the interactivity guys!

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This is awesome.
Good work to everyone involved.

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Hey that's great.

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I don't get it...

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this is really nice.

uummm, you're a retard.

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JB is God.

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