After three years with Droga5, Sydney ING Direct shifts interim advertising responsibilities to Soap

20120717051529_ING_Sydney.jpgING Direct is evolving its advertising platform as part of a drive to be positioned as a primary bank. As a result ING Direct's digital agency Soap will take on interim advertising responsibilities from Droga5, which has held the business for the last three years.

Head of marketing at ING Direct Chris Kenny says Soap has shown great capability in creative and understanding where to take the brand.

Says Kenny: "We have an excellent working relationship with Soap and had good success in building customer advocacy. Soap is well positioned to take on the interim role.
"ING Direct would like to thank Droga5 for helping the bank achieve significant milestones over the past 3 years: Achieving 1.5 million customers; Shifting perception from savings bank to primary bank; Market leading position as a challenger bank; Launching the category changing Living Super; Number 1 Net Promoter Score in banking."

ING Direct's relationship with Universal McCann remains unchanged.


The Acronymiser said:

What happens once increaingly sizeable losses eventuate for them?

idbeworried said:

Woolies, Cadbury, ING....and Qantas probably to follow. What's going on over there at D5?

Bevo said:

Congrats guys. Good win.

One way said:

Time to take stock at d5.

It's a slippery slope...

agency guy said:

A very smart team at Soap. A signal to the rest of the traditional agencies. Shape up.

So... said:

Kraft, Telstra, Sunbeam, Woolworths, what's left, QANTAS?

Feel sorry for anyone who bought into the dream there.

@Acronymiser said:

Queerly a non Tasmanian android said 'I surmise gorillas on napalm entities together or opposite' totally hearing early rumblings everywhere it saw noting only tabernacle hyenas in nocturnal gazes leaning effervescently for tomorrow. All towards another long lumberyard.

Fly said:

If only they'd had Beyonce in a few more campaigns.

House of cards said:

Guess ING were holding Droga5 back from being a great agency as well?

Nice said:

I hope ING had the decency to throw D5 that large orange life preserver...

Sad... said:

How peeved would you be if you were hired by this place when management knew full-well Cadbury / Kraft, Woolworths, ING and QANTAS were all on the nose, but didn't tell you. Tiger beer and Telstra 'projects'? Sounds like a 4-man agency to me.

House of cards said:

Guess ING were holding Droga5 back from being a great agency as well?

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