Lynx tells the modern man to grab Mondays and Wednesdays by the balls in new global campaign

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 7.46.48 am.jpgLynx is launching a new creative brand approach and advertising campaign, collaborations with international creative artists and an upgrade to the product packaging hitting shelves this month.

The year kicks off with an ongoing global initiative that will see the highest-selling daily fragrance in Australia refocus its messaging from success in the mating game, to getting guys ready to face the world with confidence, starting with the release of two new adverts across national television and cinema spaces originally created by BBH London adapted by Soap Creative.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 7.45.55 am.jpgThe new TV spots titled "Monday" and "Wednesday" were directed by Riff Raff Films' Jonas Euveremer and Francois Rousselet, who have previously worked on the films clips for Iggy Azalea, The Presets and Madonna. The two separate TVCs take what we all love to hate about Mondays and Wednesdays, and flip it around for the modern man to help him see the untapped potential of these blah work days.

Says Jon McCarthy, Lynx marketing director: "Lynx has always had a bit of fun in the visual ad space with major blockbuster-type commercials, and this same approach is evident in the new spots. Lynx is talking to the most influential generation of men, whose priorities are getting ahead in their careers or becoming established in society.

"It's not just about getting the girls anymore; it's about becoming the best version of you and getting ready to take on life."

The ads will launch in line with a new packaging design for the entire Lynx fragrance, shower gel and anti-perspirant range. The upgraded product hardware, developed by the team that designed the Virgin Galactic space project, is sleek and sophisticated and will create a clear differentiation on shelf between the different fragrances in the Lynx daily fragrance range.

The new hardware will feature in the latest national outdoor campaign. The posting will run for a total of four weeks with major sites in key city suburbs.

Two weeks following the initial posting, two ad sites in Melbourne and one in Sydney will be hijacked by international street artists YOK and SHERYO as part of the new Lynx Expression Series campaign. This ongoing project, developed by creative agency Soap, connects Lynx with exciting contemporary artists to create dynamic content around the new Lynx identity. The content released from the Expression Series campaign will live online and through creative merchandise exclusive to Lynx.

Advertising Agency (TVCs) - BBH London
Production Company (TVCs) - Riff Raff Films
Directors -
Jonas Euveremer and Francois Rousselet

Client - LYNX Australia
Marketing Director - Jon McCarthy
Senior Brand Manager - Johnny Hammond
Assistant Brand Manager - Andrew Tilley
Creative Agency - Soap Creative
Media Agency - Mindshare
PR Agency - Liquid Ideas


Andy said:

A significantly better statement from Lynx- good to see

Humpday said:

Lynx are renowned for great advertising. This isn't it.

Creative Legend said:

Love it love it love it.

Jerome said:

Love the Monday's one. Less cliche VO perhaps but great work. Shared.

gr8 said:

This is the farkn best
soundtrack monday wins

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