Miami Ad School Sydney to run Boot Camp for account planners from 5th Jan - 27th Mar 2015

Account Planning and creative teachers.jpgMiami Ad School has today announced it will bring its renowned Account Planning Boot Camp to Australia. The Account Planning Boot Camp will be held in Sydney from 5 January to 27 March 2015.

The Boot Camp for account planners was developed by the US Miami Ad School to fill the specific needs of the discipline. It has been run successfully in the US, German and Brazilian schools for over ten years.

The school is offering 20 places. Tuition costs are $5,500 incl. GST.  Candidates should have a naturally intuitive mind, a tertiary degree and some understanding of advertising, or preferably, already working in media, creative, account management or research.

Applicants must also pass the school's admission criteria:
The school has signed up a formidable team of senior strategists and creatives who will each conduct intensive training sessions on all aspects of strategic planning. They include:

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Says Al Crawford, executive planning director at Clemenger BBDO: "It's a great idea to bring the Account Planning Boot Camp to Australia. Miami Ad School is known as the world's leading training ground for planners and creatives. The planning discipline is one of the most exciting areas of advertising but in great need of well-trained entry-level recruits. We're looking forward to seeing new talent graduating from our own boot camp."

Each week a different account planner takes the students through a topic essential to planning operations in an intensive, three-day, hands-on session. Challenged by instructors who themselves are practicing creative directors, the planning students will also spend one class a week exploring strategic, creative approaches to advertising problems and how to present them. For the remainder of the week the account planning students are teamed with art direction and copywriting students to produce a realistic scenario that precisely mirrors active duty itself. The creative students will execute campaigns based on the planning students' insights, research and creative briefs.

Says Adam Beaupeurt, departing strategy director at DT, Ogilvy & Mather: "Account Planning Boot Camp students will be as prepared as possible to enter account planning and strategy. It's a tough 11 - week course crammed with evening and weekend classes plus assignment work. But it will be worth every aspiring planner's time. At the end of the program participants will graduate with professional account planning skills and a professional portfolio."


Why? said:

Why on earth would a tertiary degree be a pre-requisite? Since tertiary institutions have been turning out 'instant experts' by the truckload advertising's never been more constipated, uninspiring, process-driven and less effective.

The department formally known as said:

"departing strategy director”

Best title ever.

PowerPoint Heaven said:

The blind leading the blind!

Oracle said:

Why? Probably to re-energise those institutionalised minds.

Professor said:

Because we live in a developed country.

If you do not have a degree here you're just a lowly pleb.

Anonymous said:

Not a single lady. Just saying.

Lacking Insight said:

Understanding, empathy & insight are core to the skill of a planner.

Take a look at this panel.

Think about the make up of future planners.

And I am sure you will see, we are missing a trick here.

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