Writer The Bedroom Philosopher launches ad agency show 'Crazy Bastards' on ABC iview

Ep 1 Still 1.jpgWriter and musician, The Bedroom Philosopher has launched a new sketch show, 'Crazy Bastards' based on the Australian advertising industry, set in the 80s.

The three episode show was produced as part of ABC's Fresh Blood Initiative and is available on iview until August 14.

Ep 1 Still 10.jpgCrazy Bastards is a parody of Mad Men, set in a Sydney advertising agency in the mid 80s. It tells the story of how some of Australia's most iconic ad campaigns were devised, from 'Solo Man' to the 'AIDS Grim Reaper.' It has all the style and sexiness of the popular television series with none of the budget. The sketch stars Nigel Nailer Ep 2 Still 15.jpg(Justin Heazlewood) the mysterious head of creative at 'Nailer & Brown' agency. He is a slick yet unhinged rogue, prone to elaborate 'role playing' and Vietnam flashbacks. His partner is Percy Brown (David McLaughlin) a goofy kiwi in double denim. He offers a cool-head to Nigel's wilder ideas. Suzie (Sabrina D'Angelo) is their faithful and bombastic Chinese-Italian assistant. Suzie is Nigel's muse, often providing the missing puzzle piece, and enough politically-incorrect innuendo to poke a stick at. 

Produced by Backseat Rebel (Nikos Andronicos & Tania Frampton)
Directed by Nikos Andronicos
Written by Justin Heazlewood

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