Aussie expat photographer Terry Gates shoots sass & bide's new 360 degree digital campaign

novateur_4.jpgsass & bide has announced the launch of its latest interactive, 360 degree AW14 digital campaign, 'Novateur' shot by Aussie expat photographer Terry Gates of Defacto Inc.

Gates has used pioneering panoramic technology to capture the modernity & energy of the collection. Fronted by international model, Jacquelyn Jablonski, the campaign was shot on location in NYC.

'Novateur' represents a spirited voyage. An ulterior world has been created, conjuring a whimsical space that houses both the obscure & the beautiful within its walls. Jablonski is at the center of the campaign, travelling through a boundless journey in time.
novateur_1.jpgsass & bide continues to push the barriers with this technology, allowing the user to embark on a virtual journey of curiosity & intrigue. The online odyssey begins from high above, zooming to a level where the customer is soon immersed within the alternate universe. A shoppable experience, the user can click-through to a spinning, 360 degree view of each individual outfit modeled on Jacqueline.

The mystical world was created using the latest in 3D computer generated imagery, conceived by developer David McLeod. Sophisticated animations & statues with elaborate centerpieces of majestic proportions build the unparalleled brand experience.

Manual rotating functions, including zoom in & out affects, start-and-stop motions, audio hotspots & hidden content are all features of the campaign. The experience works seamlessly on all smartphones & tablets.


GottaThinkOfSomething said:

Well I nearly threw up on my monitor as the camera came down and the triipyness warped the room. But I'm sure the kids will love it; way to go burning up their monthly data - hopefully there will enough left for some online shopping too.

Actually said:

Have you heard of this thing called AWS hosting pal? @GottaThinkOf

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