Australasia's top shop at Cannes 2014 Curious Film enters US market with Curious Film USA

head_final 3.jpgAfter winning two Golds and a Silver Film Craft Lion, Australasia's most awarded production company at Cannes in 2014 is taking on the North American market with the launch of Curious Film USA.

Chris Breneman joins Curious as head of sales, where he is now the American link to Curious' stable of award-winning directors and producers.
Matt Noonan and Darryl Ward launched Curious in New Zealand more than a decade ago, with Peter Grasse opening its Sydney office in 2007.

Says Grasse: "It has been a Curious year for awards, not just in Cannes but at some of the biggest award shows in North America. These successes have inspired our expansion into the US market - we're keen to make the whole wide world a little more Curious."

In a less Curious life, Breneman worked at America's top production companies across three major markets - West Coast, Midwest, and the East Coast.

Says Breneman: "I first met Darryl, Matt and Pete in Cannes when we shared a villa and threw some unforgettable parties for friends and clients worldwide. I immediately clicked with them and felt they should be working in the United States. The fact that we're working together now ... well, it's fate."

Recent Curious wins include Golds at the Andys, New York Festivals, Cannes, D&AD, Ciclope, Axis and AWARD.

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