Ex-McCann creatives + Nick Bowers launch photographic series 'Scared Scientists'

Will_Steffen_0084_Final.jpgEx-McCann creatives, Celine Faledam and Rachel Guest, and Kitchen Creative photographer Nick Bowers, have launched a photographic series with a purpose - Scared Scientists.

The series endorsed by Tim Flannery and the Climate Change Council captures the Climate Change fears of a number of reputable international scientists.

Says Guest: "Scientists are incredibly concerned about the impact of climate change. While the facts are alarming, it's the fact that we're not doing enough about climate change that truly terrifies scientists."

Says Faledam: "Climate change is often discussed in terms of facts and figures. However, when you sit down with Climate Change scientists (the objective experts) and see their emotional response; when you see the genuine concern written on their faces; that's when you realize that the situation is truly serious."
While the series is definitely alarmist, it's not all doom and gloom. The main message from the science community is one of urgency.

Says Flannery: "The great thing about Scared Scientists is that it points out that the scary thing surrounding climate change isn't climate change itself - but inaction. This is our final decade to slow climate change before it's too late, and I think while that might be scary to hear, we need a little fear to get us moving and to accomplish what needs to be done."


pugwash said:

Superb work! nicely done.

Next, please do the 'Loud Mouth Uninformed People' series, featuring News Corp readers...

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