Former Grey Melbourne's Randal Glennon and Nigel Dawson team up to launch Three Wise Men

ThreeWiseMen.jpgThree Wise men is a new communications consultancy in Melbourne. The two active partners are Randal Glennon (middle) and Nigel Dawson (left) who spent 13 and 17 years respectively at Grey until earlier this year. The third, silent, partner is the Melbourne office of an independent advertising agency.
Glennon spent many years at the Campaign Palace managing clients such as the AFL and Pacific Brands before joining Grey where he was general manager. Dawson has been CD at a number of agencies and is a highly awarded writer and creative who has won silver at D&AD, four Gold at One Show and Lions at Cannes (including at the 2014 festival).
The third partner provides premises in South Yarra and the resources to operate. Other close alliances allow Three Wise Men to draw on specialists and provide a full communications service including digital and social media, graphic design and brand activation and event management.
Glennon and Dawson have gained a reputation for managing and creating high profile and highly effective behavioural change work, notably for the TAC for whom they produced over 150 campaigns. With Three Wise Men they are harnessing this experience and knowledge to market not just social change but consumer goods and services.
Says Glennon: "What we've learnt about how people can be motivated to change behaviour and habits puts us in a terrific position to be of use to clients who struggle to get effective answers. Our ideal client is one who wants to deal directly with senior people, who wants more cost effective advertising solutions and who is looking for a close partnership."
Three Wise Men is set up to be highly responsive and efficient with fast turnaround and low overheads. But they put great emphasis on the input at the front end of a project.

Says Dawson: "Our creative catchcry is "First be right, then be brilliant" which means making sure the thinking is right to change the way an individual thinks or acts before adding the magic that makes an idea resonate."
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Old CD Guy said:

That silhouette looks a lot like PETE.

Maths Teacher said:

There are three kinds of people; those who can count and those who can't.

The Voice of Reason said:

Any person of reasonable intelligence would expect there to be three people having equal presence in a business named Three Wise Men. Perhaps, like a creative idea that's been altered beyond recognition, they should have re-thought the name. I imagine Two And A Half Men was potentially confusing or unavailable.

TAC said:

We are coming to get you Nige & Randal

Groucho said:

@The Voice of Reason Nigel is wise enough for two. And you for none.

The Voice of Reason said:

Now now Brian, no need to get nasty.

alternative name suggestion said:

Hip(ster) Replacements.

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