KFC invites punters to inaugural 'Open Kitchen Day' as part of integrated campaign via Ogilvy

KFC-FRESH.jpgKFC Australia has launched a campaign to give Australians behind-the-scenes access to their kitchens, showing customers first-hand how KFC makes its famous Original Recipe chicken.

Open Kitchen Day forms part of an integrated marketing campaign supported by PR, TVCs, content and social media. Media partnerships with News.com.au and Mamamia were also leveraged to demonstrate how KFC uses fresh Australian produce, sourced from reputable suppliers like Inghams and Steggles - the same chicken consumers buy in the supermarket.

The TV campaign launched nationally last night with a 45 second TVC via Ogilvy Sydney that portrays KFC's unique hand breading process in store. In super slow motion, we see raw pieces of fresh chicken tossed in flour and spices before plunging into canola oil. The golden pieces then emerge cooked to perfection before falling gracefully into the iconic KFC bucket.

On Saturday KFC opened its kitchens to the public for the first time at over 160 stores across the country, for its inaugural Open Kitchen Day.
Australians were taken on guided tours of KFC's kitchens, with over 90 per cent of tours selling out within the first week of the Open Kitchen Day site going live.

"Australians today want to know more about how their food is prepared when they visit our stores," says Nikki Lawson, chief marketing officer for KFC Australia. "For many years, people have believed that our KFC cooks simply drop frozen chicken into a deep fryer - but there's a lot more to it than that.
"This campaign is about showing Australians the care our cooks take in delivering the iconic KFC taste people know and love, hand-coating our fresh chicken with flour and The Colonel's 11 secret herbs and spices throughout the day."  
Creative: Ogilvy Sydney
Chief Strategy Officer: Mark Sareff
Creative Director: Shaun Branagan
Art Director: Scott Sparks
Copywriter: James Blow
TV Producer: Peter Hackforth
Business Director: Scott Chalcraft
Group Account Director: Sarah Faraday
Account Director: Brad Ure
Account Manager: Jessica Standfield
Account Executive: Michael Porter
Media:  MediaCom
Client Communications Planning Director:  Olivia Geen
Implementation Planning Director:  Melanie Madden
Branded Entertainment: Ensemble
Senior Producer: Hayley Ritz-Houlton

Public Relations: Edelman Australia
Account Management: Jo Osorio, Tracey Yong, Cameron Stead and Scarlett Templeman

Social: Social@Ogilvy
Social Managing Director: Yianni Konstantopoulos
Senior Digital Analyst: Alexandra Simmons
Designer: Pierrette Langford
Designer: Bede Gannon
Instore Merchandising: Design Intoto
Design Director: Gilbert Chin
Account Management: Lisa Mitchell

Client: KFC Australia
Chief Marketing and Development Officer: Nikki Lawson
Marketing Director: Valerie Kubizniak
Marketing Director - Brand Development: Natasa Zunic
Marketing Manager: Ashley Hughes
Brand Manager: Belinda Thomson


still tastes like shit said:

who are you kidding? The Lurpak inspired shots just don't do the same for hormone pumped chicken swimming in 8Litres of tallow, then served by a pimple faced 15yo.

Fried Chicken? said:

This is great work for KFC. Surprising.

Park life said:

Why do they then go and sit in an empty car park?

Nice said:

Nice work. Who directed them?

yep said:

Looks money. Nice work.

Mike said:

I was going to ask the same question as 'Nice'. Who directed it? Elevated this into something better than the average KFC ad.

ugh said:

Lovely to see the Ogilvy crew on here so quick for what is, essentially, an idea-less piece of food porn that was taken directly from McDonald's, who also had an issue with people thinking their food was shit.

KFC said:

KFC is actually much cooler than Maccas - for real. This ad just shows it.

Top & Tail said:

Food is food. But the top & tail of this spot is what makes it something new

Jimmy said:

cheers Ogilvy guys for pumping up the blog. It's a KFC ad. Lets move on.

Butter said:

This is Lurpak's worst ad yet.

Its good said:

no doubt about it. better than any local fast food spots. well done

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