Photographer Damien Bredberg shoots campaign for Skins and the Wallabies via M&C Saatchi

316bcopy.092705.jpgPhotographer Damien Bredberg has recently shot a new campaign for Skins, featuring the Wallabies posing in green and gold via M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment.

Using powdered paint and some good natured players Bredberg and M&C Saatchi got very messy and created some amazing imagery.




Ads said:

Nice one Damo!

Chuck G said:

I agree Ads. And I don't even like sport.

Chuck G said:

I agree Ads. And I don't even like sport.

Pirate crew said:

Skins, remember when your ads were interesting? Get Jay Furby and co back on the deal.

Kiwi said:

The concept is a tad confusing.

A Wallaby player seems to be bursting through the dust of what used to be another Wallaby player.

Shouldn't he burst through an All Black or a South African?

Then a Wallaby kicker misses the ball altogether whilst another Wallaby blows up beside him.


And finally four Wallabies stand alone, symmetrically folding (or not) their arms.

Are they alone because they blew up all the other Wallabies?

Tom G said:

Boring as batshit

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