Publicis Mojo leads a host of communications companies to promote Barangaroo project

Barangaroo-shot.jpgPublicis Mojo, Sydney will be lead creative agency on the massive Barangaroo project, with a host of other companies - including digital shops Really Useful Crew, Analog Folk and Soap Creative - appointed for various engagement and communication services.

The two stage process covered the categories of Creative Engagement, Design Services, Digital Media Services, Public Relations Services, Writing Services and Photography.
In total, 120 submissions were received across all categories.

A Request for Quotation was issued to 33 shortlisted companies. Following an assessment of the shortlisted proposals, the following companies have been appointed to a panel for a two-year period in support of the Barangaroo project:

Publicis Mojo

Really Useful Crew
Analog Folk
Soap Creative

Emery Studio
Maud Crop
Garbett Design

Access Public Relations
Bang Pty Ltd

Visual Eyes International
Monster United

1st Avenue
White Works
Republic of Everyone

There is only one year to go until the opening of Headland Park and the first commercial tower at Barangaroo South in July 2015.


Tom G said:

Am I right in what I see here...fifteen agencies from a "short list" of 33? Just how many agencies are required to service the launch of a few buildings?! Is the industry so specialised now that you need a different agency for most things and even multiples for some. That many on a roster almost makes it impossible to manage effectively

Groucho said:

All the signs of great future arse ache are here for all the winners. Anyone appointing 15 agencies is either incapable of making a decision or has a severely inflated view of their own importance.

wise owl said:

Totally absurd. They'll be falling over each other and I gather the brief doesn't even cover the Crown or Lend Lease parts of the development - so it's just for the park!! The Barangaroo Development Authority must have money to burn....or just couldn't decide who to pick so they appointed everyone.

T S said:

Awesome win for Mojo - Congrats!

Outnumbered said:

Surely there are more people at all those "little" agencies combined than at Mojo these days?

Ridiculous said:

Tears before bedtime for all concerned.. 'Barangaroo' must be Aboriginal for Indecisive

First cab off the rank said:

Judging by the comments on this thread, the PR agencies on the list already have their first brief

Pemulwuy said:

This Barangaroo white elephant is all set to become the new 'Pier One' or 'Darling Harbour' i.e. a developer's dream but a local's sh1thole night,are that not even tourists wanna go see. Stay tuned for the first 'death by bouncer'. A hex on everyone involved.

Sebel said:

Allot happens at Pier one for Mojo Management. Or one in Mojo management!!!!!

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