Red Rooster focuses on 'tender loving chicken' in its latest brand campaign via Brand Council

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 8.27.43 am.jpgRed Rooster has today unveiled a new campaign via Naked Communications Australia that focuses on TLC - tender loving chicken - and the invigorating love for a perfectly roasted chicken.

Taking a departure from work that has focused on limited time deals and special offers, the new Red Rooster films focus on real life moments around real food.

Says Anna Jones, national marketing manager of Red Rooster: "Red Rooster has been an iconic Australian brand serving roast chicken to Australian families since 1972, but the world around us has changed. Competition has proliferated and strengthened, attitudes to food have changed and customers are savvier than ever. This campaign is the first from a brand that is changing tack."

TLC - or tender loving chicken - now runs core to Red Rooster's offering and beliefs. It's a brand passionate about real food; about the very best roast chicken and a menu free of hormones, artificial colours, flavours or added MSG. It's a brand that believes that meal times are the best times - to collect, comfort, reconnect, celebrate and enjoy.

Says Jones: "It's time for Red Rooster to move forward, for us to re-invigorate and re-capture our iconic position and take our own path. Red Rooster exists to bring people and families together around Australia's best roast chicken and we want to stay true to this cause. We believe everyone needs a little bit of TLC."

The campaign was developed before and during the recent creative agency pitch that Red Rooster held in partnership with its strategic agency, Brand Council. The winning creative agency, Naked Communications has the task of developing this new creative direction further for the future.

Executed across TV, radio, outdoor, cinema, the fully integrated campaign will have a strong digital, search and social presence.

Red Rooster
National Marketing Manager, Anna Jones
Senior Brand Manager, Maree Setzinger
Brand Manager, Sarah Stoker
Marketing Executive, Alissa Breit
Agency, Brand Council
Partner, Reg Bryson
Partner, Trudi Cassin
Senior Copywriter, Julie Faktor
Senior Art Director, Benjamin Gay
Producer, Amanda Collins
Production Company, Finch
Director, Nic Finlayson
Producer, Roy De Giorgio


Adland at its best said:

This is truly awful. It's chicken guys! Fast Food!

A worthy ad is not going to fool anyone. Do you honestly believe people think this deeply about Red Roooster chicken?

Writer said:

Target market: Client's boardroom

Brandspeaker said:

Brand agency writes nice new brand manifesto.

Brand owner says "That's us! That's why we exist! I love it! It tugs my heartstrings and makes me feel connected to our customers! This has to be the script for our next ad!"

Consumer says, "Huh, say what? I should buy your chicken because you've managed to understand a basic human truth that sometimes people eat dinner together and played that back to me soundtracked by some twee music? Ok."

Insight said:

Exactly, no-one calls a home phone these days except old people you're probably trying to ignore. Don't answer that shit, send me an SMS FFS.

Nannyfesto said:

To be read aloud over non confronting music with some really bad acting or something.

Male or female VO:
Every person reaches a time in their career.
That time when they just couldn't give a shit anymore.
Briefs comes and go. So why try and make anything decent?
Take the seven point proposition and tie a human emotion around it.
Something really vague that everyone can relate to. Unless you're a squid.
Squids are shit. According to research, and that weirdo who's at every group.
The one who eats the iced vovos. Maybe he's the reason you suck at advertising?
Or maybe it's because you spend less time writing a script than it takes to do a shit?
Unless you've got diahreaoah. Don't worry, the proofreader will fix that.
Argue over how to spell diahreorhas for a while with your partner - just to pretend you care.
Get it approved by the client without the slightest hint of regret or shame.
Realise you have 53 seconds of voice over to fit into a 30 second ad.
Blame the media company for not booking a 60 second. Stupid media company.
Then go home knowing the client was really, really happy.

At bland co, we believe every ad should have voiceover.
Because it's the best way to say 'We've got nothing to say.'

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Jimmy said:

This is so bad.

finger luckin' yo said:

Chicken looks yummy.

OMG said:

I just spewed into my mouth...

Michelle said:

You do realise that all chicken in Australia is hormone free? Has been since 1968 - its the law! This is not a point of difference for Red Rooster. Neither is no artificial colours, flavours, or MSG - its chicken, no chicken in Australia comes with any of that.

insider said:

I ate McDonalds on a shoot with the RR client, at their request.

Even they won't eat it.

Old CD Guy said:

Had to look at the comments to see if they give this turkey the kicking it deserves. They did, which, like the campaign, saves me having to write anything original.

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