The Sunday Telegraph brings back radio jingle in its latest campaign via Archibald / Williams

The Sunday Telegraph - Matt Moran.jpgThe Sunday Telegraph has launched a new subscription campaign that brings back its much-loved radio jingle "Sunday, just isn't Sunday, without The Sunday Telegraph" via Archibald / Williams and News Corp's creative team.
The timeless radio jingle has been the anchor of campaigns for The Sunday Telegraph for over 30 years.
The jingle returns to radio waves today in a four week campaign that is also supported by a creative print execution that features Matt Moran, Jarryd Hayne and Fitzy & Wippa expressing what they love about Sundays.

The campaign aims to excite and rejuvenate readers' love for their Sunday newspaper.
Says Brett Clegg, News Corp Australia's state director - NSW: "For years, The Sunday Telegraph has not only been the number one newspaper in the state but also the highest selling newspaper in Australia. Readers love the unrivalled package of content the paper offers each week - it is an intimate part of the Sunday ritual. We are continuing to invest in the product, including through this creative campaign, to ensure that we main our role in enriching the Sundays of our readers."

The Sunday Telegraph - Fitzy & Wippa.jpgSays Mick Carroll, The Sunday Telegraph editor: "The Sunday Telegraph is synonymous with everything that is great about NSW and as the jingle suggests, Sunday isn't Sunday without the paper. Through this campaign, we are reminding readers about what they love best about Sundays and their Sunday paper - late breakfast, spending time with family and lazy afternoons. It's also about settling in to read the best news and sports coverage, the best in entertainment and lifestyle as well as the much loved liftouts of Escape, body+soul, Sunday Style and the TV guide."
Says Lindsay Chappel, News Corp Australia's general manager marketing - NSW: "I'm thrilled, not only to be bringing back the popular Sunday Telegraph jingle, but to have some iconic personalities from NSW like Matt Moran, Jarryd Hayne and Fitzy & Wippa take part in the campaign. Like them, the paper shares a deep connection with the NSW community."
According to the latest emma data, The Sunday Telegraph has a readership of 1,317,000. In terms of engagement, 92 per cent of Sunday Telegraph readers will take some form of action including acting on, considering, seeking and sharing the content they read in the paper.


Groucho said:

If only the paper was half as good now as it was when the jingle was first used.

pseudonym-huh said:

the only thing Archibald / Williams did was write this press release. That work was all created inhouse at News

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