Tony Rogers and Rob Hibbert's 'How to Talk Australians' reaches over 750k views on YouTube

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.45.49 am.jpgWeb series, 'How to Talk Australians', directed by Tony Rogers, co-creator and director of the SBS series 'Wilfred', and written by Rob Hibbert (Images You Should Not Masturbate To) has reached over 789,000 views on YouTube since its online launch week.

The web series is a cheeky poke at the stereotypical 'Strayan' vernacular and lifestyle as seen through the eyes of bewildered but eager-to-learn students at an Indian training centre.
Says Tim Parrington, editor at The Butchery: "Being part of 'How to Talk Australians' since the first racists landed in Australia, has meant I've been able to help craft something great from the very beginning. I'm gobsmacked it's been so well received - thanks for watching and sharing in such vast numbers! It's been a labour of love with long time friends and collaborators, and we're a little bit proud of it."

Season 1 of this web series is now available to watch. Episodes 7 and 8 will be released on Tuesday 26th of August after an interview on Monday mornings Sunrise with director Rogers and writer Hibbert.

Director: Tony Rogers
Writers: Rob Hibbert, Tony Rogers
Producer: Jason Byrne
Starring: Vishal Kotak, Jeffrey Dsouza, Chum Ehelepola, Robert Santiago, Vikrant Narain, Sybil Quadros, AnanthGopal and KamlaChandar


ex Kiwi said:

Wolfy!! Badgemeister!!!!

Dave King said:

Funniest thing I've watched in ages. Brilliant. Well done fellas.

the rest of the world said:

So excellent.

Punjab said:

Laughed Several times.
In the middle of the agency.
Out loud.
Very unusual for me.
Some very funny gags in there.

No idea what it has to do with advertising. But funny all the same

? said:


Indians are so backward and funny when they try to understand white people ways.


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