Brisbane agency BCM ponders the absurdity of modern technology in newly launched online film

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.52.44 am.jpgBrisbane agency BCM has launched a new online film which ponders the absurdity of modern technology.


Agency: BCM
Creative Director: Peter Goodall
Writer: Shaun McMahon
Art Director: Sal Borzillo
Agency Producer: Shane Ford
Production Company: Taxi Film Production
Director: Miles Murphy
Executive Producer: Andrew Wareham
Producer: Mark Bishop
Director of Photography: Mark Wareham
Art Director: Adam Head
Post Production: Andy Thompson/Miles Murphy (The Chop Shop Post/Traffic Films)
Sound Engineer: Slade Gibson


Keckers said:

Nice work.

Ricardo said:

This is awesome. Beautifully written, beautifully acted and beautifully shot. Well done to all involved.

TOIA said:

Simple and compelling. Love it.

YAWN said:

More tripe from BCM

boo said:

too easy to reel off a list of current tech with the only 'twist' being it's delivery by two laconic cowboys. not bad, though.

Christine said:

@YAWN, perhaps you need a nap to see the lighter side of life. This is genuinely funny.

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