DrinkWise targets sports fans + festival-goers in latest campaign via Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.38.28 am.jpgA new initiative by DrinkWise Australia and Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, will urge sport fans and festival-goers to drink in moderation, so they won't miss a moment of the action during the jam-packed event calendar this spring and summer.

Launched to coincide with the 2014 AFL Finals, the 'You won't miss a moment if you DrinkWise' initiative promotes a positive message about drinking responsibly whether you're at the game, watching a live broadcast at a pub or at a mate's place for a grand final barbeque.

DrinkWise's responsible drinking message extends to sporting, cultural and social events where alcohol is being consumed and will be communicated through television, press, radio, outdoor and point of sale.

DrinkWise marketing manager Simon Strahan said DrinkWise worked with its contributors from the alcohol industry to create and communicate the new initiative that encourages a safer drinking culture.

Says Strahan: "DrinkWise research into event-centric drinking showed that missing out on forming memories of an event was a powerful tension.

"Having a drink at the cricket, a comedy show or music festival can be an enjoyable way to socialise with friends and family, but moderation is the key to ensuring you - and others around you - come away with great memories of the event."

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne executive creative director Ant Keogh said the new creative uses animation to show how too much alcohol can negatively affect the way you experience an event - with the action and excitement of the event dissipating as excessive drinking occurs.

Says Keogh: "The creative conveys the irony of missing out on the very thing you came to see when you drink too much."

DrinkWise has also unveiled its new website to coincide with the initiative, providing comprehensive information and advice to promote responsible drinking, including alcohol facts, risk factors, standard drinks calculator and health tools. See www.drinkwise.org.au.

DrinkWise Australia CEO: John Scott
Marketing Manager: Simon Strahan

Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne
Group Account Director: Jennifer Chin
Account Director: Brendan Taylor
Account Manager: Sam Ayre
Account Executive: Drew Reid
Agency Producer - Print: Lisa Moro / Michael Travers
Agency - Senior Producer - TV: Lisa Moro
Strategic Planner: Matt Pearce
Art Director: James Orr
Copywriter: Elle Bullen
Digital Credits: Gemma Seeto
Executive Planning Director: Paul Rees-Jones
Executive Creative Director: Ant Keogh
Creative Chairman: James McGrath
Managing Director: Paul McMillan

Production Company: Collider Films
Director: Andrew van der Westhuyzen
Executive Producer: Rachael Ford Davies
F/L Senior Producer: Kim Kirby
DoP/Cinematographer: Danny Pope
Editor: Collider Films
Post Production Company: Fin Design + Effects
VFX: Fin Design + Effects
Executive Producer: Alistair Stephen
VX Supervisor: Stuart White
CG Supervisor: Roy Mahil
2D VFX Supervisor: Richard Betts
Flame Artist: Richard Betts
Sound House: Flagstaff Studios
Sound Designer/Engineer: Paul LeCouteur
Photographer: Collider Films
Retoucher: Collider Films


Old CD Guy said:

Nice special effects, but what the fuck does it mean? What's the message? What am I, the viewer, supposed to do?

Just said:

@old CD guy.

Drink wisely.

@Old CD Guy (from a non-clems person) said:

The more you drink, the more of the game you'll miss due to being pissed. Pretty straightforward champ.

You must be old said:

I think this is really good. If you seriously don't get this Old Guy you need to give up. Maybe even give up the booze.

Someone old said:

The more you drink the less you recognise/see/remember.
I think it's great. Well done.

huh? said:

I don't get it. Very confusing.

Only guessing said:

The more you drink, the less you experience the moment, as indicated by the residing beer equally reducing the amount you see and hear of each highlight?

Perhaps my young eyes are misjudging what seems like a plainly simple and clever idea. The execution speaks for itself.

@Old CD Guy said:

It's quite simple, if you don't want to miss any of the action you need to drink faster.

Nothing like it said:


What has that job got to do with this post? Or are you just promoting your work?

boo said:

take psychadelics and beer at the same time and watch the game?

Old CD Guy said:

More please, your comments are very entertaining. Particularly love @ 9:51.

I'm with Old CD guy (mostly) said:

I knew what they were trying to say (and I love the craft) but something was definitely lacking. Ie. the link to drinking wisely. It came across that you miss the game if you drink inside, not if you get maggot.

Lift Clems said:

A few years ago, you guys wouldn't even think of PRing something like this, lift!!

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