Ricky Gervais supports 'let a bear sh!t in the woods' campaign for Animals Asia via Enigma

Ricky Gervais.jpgPopular TV personality and English actor Ricky Gervais has joined Ian Somerhalder, Nikki Reed, Gillian Anderson and Australian comedian Meshell Laurie, plus a raft of other international celebrities to support Animals Asia's latest campaign, 'let a bear sh!t in the woods' via Enigma, Newcastle.

The campaign highlights the plight of around 10,000 moon bears currently confined to horrific cages on bear bile farms throughout Asia and not able to run wild as nature intended.

The campaign has been endorsed by Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder plus Twilight stars Nikki Reed and Kellan Lutz. They are also joined by actors Kristin Bauer van Straten, Gillian Anderson and Alicia Silverstone, musicians Matt Sorum and Peter Northcote, entrepreneur Russell Simmons, chef Simon Bryant and comedians Meshel Laurie and Ben Elton.
Ben Elton.jpgEnigma's group creative director Brian Daly said the 'let a bear sh!t in the woods' campaign asks people around the world to stop bear bile farming.

Says Daly: "The behavior we identify as fundamental to being a bear has been taken away from these animals in a most cruel act.

"Let a bear sh!t in the woods is the ultimate goal of Animals Asia, to allow these bears to live in their natural habitat and express their natural behaviours.

Gillian Anderson.jpg"The campaign launched on the 16th anniversary of the founding of Animals Asia and encourages people to take the pledge and raise awareness of the suffering of moon bears."

True Blood's Kristen Bauer van Straten is dedicated to the campaign and helping eradicate bear bile farming within Asia.

Says Bauer: "Bear Bile farming should be something out of a horror novel, but it's unfortunately not fiction, as hard as that is to believe.

"Bears are held in metal cages their entire lives with tubes stuck in to their bodies to drain the bile from their gallbladders.

"Please sign to help us stop this painful existence for living creatures. We cannot allow this to exist on Earth any longer."

There are four ways supporters can take the pledge, online at bearinthewoods.org, via social media using the hashtags #ShitInTheWoods and #AnimalsAsia, by buying and wearing the campaign t-shirt and by creating a video.

Other celebrity endorsements can be found here.

Group Creative Director - Brian Daly
Art Director: Paul Hampson
Copywriter: Matt Dawe
Senior designer: Sophie Tyler
Digital Director: Stephen Walsh
Digital Producer: Ana Zrnic
Account Director: Mel Linde
Senior Account Manager: Luke Tuckerman


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Dawesy!!! What a legend.

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great, simple and effective thinking

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Love this.

ALS IT 'AIN'T said:

Unless of course, the PR piece to this is printed on the back of every t-shirt, so that people have at least some clue what the feck is going on when wondering what the feck the message means, when they see it.

Bear bile???

Don't make me sick.

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