South African director JH Beetge joins Goodoil

BEETGE-PIC.jpgThe recently relocated South African director JH Beetge has made Goodoil home. Increasingly well known for his strong visual narrative and emotive storytelling he's a director to watch.

His short film The Abyss Boys won Best Short Film at the AMAA's and was one of four films to be selected for Focus Features, Africa First programme. He's also incredibly modest, not wanting to mention his Noble Prize for "Experimental science on the exoskeletal molecular structures in extinct extraterrestrial amoebas."
"JH is a passionate and accomplished film maker. His ability to nail every frame with an outstanding cinematic eye, whilst maintaining performance and emotion is not something you find everyday. We think JH is an exceptional talent and welcome him to the roster," said Goodoil EP Sam Long.

View JH Beetge's reel

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