Specsavers unveils new spots in 'Should've gone to Specsavers' campaign via cummins&partners

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 1.42.20 pm.jpgCB Exclusive - Specsavers Australia and recently appointed agency cummins&partners are set to launch two new commercials in the long-running and much-loved global 'Should've gone to Specsavers' campaign.
The spots highlight the pitfalls of having poor eyesight during the summer holiday period.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 1.42.37 pm.jpgThe integrated campaign also features radio, digital, plus in-store promotions throughout summer.
Says Jim Ingram, co-executive creative director, cummins&partners: "It's an honour to contribute to such a successful global platform, we're extremely proud of this work."
Client: Specsavers Australia.
Marketing Director Australia/New Zealand: Stewart Roussel
Head of National Marketing: Liz Attia
Specsavers Creative Director: Graham Daldry
Creative: cummins&partners
Executive Creative Director: Jim Ingram
Executive Creative Director: Ben Couzens
Copywriter: Chris Ellis
Art Director: Aaron Lipson
Chief Strategic Officer: Adam Ferrier
Client Services Director: Ben Epstein
Account Director: Andrea Perkins
Agency Producer: Naomi Nienaber
Production: Plaza Films
Director: Nicholas Reynolds
Executive Producer: Peter Masterton
Producer: Cathy Rechichi
DOP: Ben Shirley
Editor: Peter Whitmore @ The Editors
Post Production & VFX: Hugh Seville @ Little Big Man
Animation: Steven Anderson @Finland Film
Colourist: Daniel Stonehouse @ Crayon
Music: Song Zu


Joe said:

Hey Aaron.

Yep.. said:

Nothing personal against these guys..but that's lame.
Although, it's better than most of the crap coming out Oz.
Advertising has gone down the toilet there.
Except when it comes to award shows, then you guys suddenly start performing with ads that never really get published.

Hey yep... said:

...shut up.

P said:

( . )( . )
Funny as. Hey Yep, Where are your parents?

Hehe said:

The seagull should have exploded into a ball of feathers. But besides that. Classic! Good stuff lads, c&p you've kept one of the best and longest running campaigns of all time going. And that's worth being proud of.

rich said:

i didnt really like the seal one but through the seagull was was pretty funny

well done guys!

@ideas savers said:

You're bang on.

@idea savers said:

These guys can be a very (very) challenging client, so in my view the spots win. People at home will laugh at these.

You can crouch behind your lame-arse moniker and fling your lame-arse wisecracks, but you obviously haven't worked on the account.

And no, I'm not from the agency and am in no way connected to the account now.

Davey Jones said:

Funny. Well branded. Well done.

I can see better now said:

The fact is cummins clearly are the agency du jour. The ads are good not great, but the agency is currently greater than what else is out there. Melbourne has a new leader...

Embarrassed said:

@P and Hey yep...(Cummings & partners)
Yep actually has a point. Would've been great if you had a response besides 'shut up'. Unfortunately you look pretty stupid and give an embarrassing rap for the Aussie industry. It's a blog.. remember.

Sydney said:

Melbourne people are angry little bogans. Back to the farm hick faces.

Hmmm said:

@6:35.... If you're not connected to the account and don't work at the agency, how do you know he client is very challenging?

Mwahahaha said:


Well done lads!

Saw these on the old tv box and thought they were from the UK.

Great extension to the existing ads which are also very good.

Cummins and... said:

Should've been funny...

sugar drops said:

i like aaron and chris a lot. they make me crack a moisty.

Elephant Rock said:

Gold Coast skyline? That didn't bother anyone else for continuity?

Yawn said:

@ Still waiting

God forbid the work has an impact on business results!

Good said:

Why so negative? A lot of angry people on here today. These ads are great. And the punters will love them.

Comments 126 said:

Roll up roll up

Come and join the hate circus.

Because most of the comments here are from clowns.

I like cummins&partners. I like that they are 3 years old and building a business. And I would just wait to let the creative culture develop.

And it most certainly will.

So all you sideshow freaks...go and start a business, win some clients and do some work.

Otherwise you're just in the audience..watching other people have a crack

PH said:

Yeh these aren't great, but gee whizz they don't deserve all the Hateorade.
C&P are doing a lot of making things, which is great. Let's get behind our Aussie brother and sisters and quit the anonymous jealousy.

Victoria said:

Oh I like these ads! I don't see anything wrong with them!
First time I saw them I had a few laugh out loud moments and slow mo running with abs in motion is never something to be negative about :P
They're funny, light hearted, energetic and they keep me interested. Isn't that what you want out of an ad?

Conner said:

Great work Chris, I like these. I LOLd out loud. You're ace Chris. Yep, Chris sure is really good. Just Chris.

@Connor said:

I agree with everything you said. Especially the part about Chris.

lady M said:

Well I laughed
I like them & now my family remembers the brand
Job done

sheesh said:

This would have been a very, very difficult campaign to produce. Client is mega challenging. Well done, c&p. A gem, especially considering what you would have had to go through to get there.

Count said:

Nice one Bantam!

Joe said:

Oh hey Connor. What are you doing here?
Hey Chris as well.

Bill said:

100% COOL

Bill Board said:

'Where are your parents?' Funny stuff! Well played all.

(Y) said:

hahahahaha. Funny.

Yvaj said:

Most of the people commented here got no sense of humor,if you dont want them,just shut up!

Ashley White said:

If anyone knows who I can get in contact with I have thought of an idea for a new ad for specsavers

Scott said:

Seal add . Obviously made by people who don't wear glasses. Try diving into the ocean wearing them. You won't see a thing. Possibly injure your face and lose your glasses

Adrien said:

I have a great idea for one of your advertisements . Please check me regarding
details . Adrienne

Cora Portman said:

A real funny happening...TRUE.

Ask my husband if he would like me to clean his glasses and, picked up the spray to
do the job.Very good result. Next day I looked at the spray bottle and I had cleaned
them with DOG ear drops!!!!!!! ha!ha! My husband laughing said "I thought I could hear better.!!!!!!!!! I should have gone to SpecSavers.

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