David Jones launches 2014 Christmas campaign with Tina Arena via Whybin\TBWA, Sydney

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 6.44.01 am.jpgDavid Jones has today announced the launch of its 2014 Christmas Campaign titled "The Things We Do for Love" via Whybin\TBWA, Sydney.

David Jones has collaborated with Tina Arena to re-record the famous 10cc song 'The Things We Do For Love' to be released in line with the new campaign's short film and TVC on 5th November 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 6.44.51 am.jpgThe song is the anchor of the David Jones Christmas campaign, communicating the message that everything we do at Christmas is love in action. To reflect this, Arena's song will be available to download on iTunes with proceeds donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF).

In a move away from merchandise driven campaigns, this creative is designed to capture the spirit of Christmas. The 120 second film directed by J H Beetge tells the story of a young boy at Christmas time who becomes concerned that Santa will not be able to visit his family home as they do not have a chimney. It is a familiar story of a child's excitement and expectations and the things that parents will do for love and to keep the magic of Christmas alive.

In line with the launch of Christmas, David Jones' Elizabeth Street flagship Christmas windows also came to life on Tuesday 4th November.

The iconic Christmas windows feature traditional puppetry displays which, this season, tell the story of a Reindeer, the lead character from the David Jones Christmas book, 'Reindeer's Christmas Surprise'. The Reindeer's Christmas story comes to life within the David Jones Christmas Windows with the exceptionally crafted puppets and animated scenes showcased over 6 windows.

Being such a longstanding tradition, each year the level and detail of work remains at the highest standard. The window displays have been in construction for approximately six months, with in excess of 5000 man- hours being spent on the creation and installation of the windows.

Says Iain Nairn, CEO, David Jones: "David Jones has a 176 year heritage as the home of Christmas in Australia. "The Things We Do For Love" campaign successfully brings to life both the old and the new at David Jones, with a message that rings true for all of our customers at Christmas.

"We are delighted that Tina Arena was able to record our Christmas song and for the opportunity to contribute further funds to the National Breast Cancer Foundation."

"We are inspired to help our customers achieve the most extraordinary Christmas - our buying team has worked tirelessly to deliver the world's finest gifts from fashion and beauty, to home, food and entertainment."

Says Paul Bradbury, CEO, Whybin\TBWA: "Family is at the heart of leading an extraordinary life. This campaign reminds us all what Christmas is really all about."

David Jones is focussed on making Christmas easy for its customers, with these in-store and online service offerings:

  • An end-to-end Christmas portal at davidjones.com.au/christmas with gifting solutions, a summary of all of our Christmas instore experiences from meeting Santa to pantomimes, gift cards, delivery solutions and more
  • Gift Gurus instore to help you find perfect, thoughtful gifts
  • Free delivery to your home for orders online over $50, plus the ability this year for all American Express Membership Rewards customers to shop online at DJs with points - the first of its kind in Australia
  • An exclusive program of events, instore experiences and value-adds for our valued Card Members
David Jones "The Things We Do For Love" 2014 Christmas campaign also encompasses:

In Store Theatre
Christmas at David Jones officially launches on 4th November as the Christmas windows of the flagship Elizabeth Street store are unvieled and the TVC and Christmas song are released nationally on 5th November. David Jones stores Australia wide will then come to life with a range of in store theatre including; Santa photos, roaming Santa & Christmas fairies in all stores with a toy department, Christmas concerts & pantomimes, Santa PAWtraits (NSW,VIC,WA,SA,QLD), place your face interactive panels, beautiful Christmas decorations and much more.

Christmas Portal
We have created a centralised location for everything you need to know about making an extraordinary Christmas this year with the help of David Jones. Visit davidjones.com.au/christmas for information on all the exciting events taking place this Christmas, details of Santa experiences in store, gift ideas and inspiration and much more.

David Jones Magic Santa Application
Download the free 'David Jones Magic Santa App' from the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play store app to reveal hidden 3D characters in Kid's Christmas collateral. Visit any David Jones store and customers can use the app with an interactive photo wall to discover life-size characters, join the fun and capture a photo or video to share with friends and family.

David Jones Christmas Book
David Jones collaborated with Australian children's author Ursula Dubosarsky and Australian illustrator Sue deGennaro on creating an original Christmas book titled 'Reindeer's Christmas Surprise' which will be sold exclusively at David Jones. The story will be bought to life in this year's Elizabeth Street store windows in a series of scenes hand crafted by puppeteer David Poulton and shown every day and night from Wednesday 5 November through to Thursday 25 December. 'Reindeer's Christmas Surprise' illustrated book and limited edition reindeer soft toy, $19.95 available exclusively at David Jones.

Social Media Activation
The "Things We Do for Love" social media activation is all about giving our customers the chance to thank someone special for the little things they do for them. We have an amazing prize package valued at over $15,000 - with the chance to win something every day kicking off from December 1st at davidjones.com.au/christmas.

Exclusive Content on David Jones YouTube Channel
Behind the scenes footage and interviews with the talented Tina Arena and the team behind the creation of the TVC will be available to view at youtube.com.au/davidjonesstore.

Shoppable Catalogue
Shop the the David Jones Christmas catalogue online at www.davidjones.com.au.


Js said:

Good god that was long and boring

Impressed said:

A very good brand spot for DJ's and a nice change from the usual stuff we get fed at this time of year from the big retailers. This is some smart creative stewardship from Matty and Dave, they're finishing on a high.

Santa said:

Very Nice.

Em said:

Nice one, well done TBWA.

john lewis said:

imitation and flattery and stuff...

John Lewis said:

Its nicely shot and will no doubt do well but I think fundamentally they missed a trick. There strategy and line isn't tight enough as it is not intrinsically linked to David Jones.

Where John Lewis gets it right, is down the the fact that the line always comes back to how John Lewis is the shop for christmas; For those who care about showing they care, For gifts you can’t wait to give, Give a little more love this christmas, Give someone a christmas they’ll never forget, If you know the person, you’ll find the present, and Whoever you’re looking for this Christmas.

They all reinforce John Lewis is the perfect place to find the right present where as Things we do for love is so much weaker.
If you're going to take influence from other great ads at least make them better.

But that said a nice ad so hats of to them.

Unhappy Xmas said:

This is how not to do it. It's overlong and frankly boring. They give it away far too early and then you just waiting for it all to end.They should have a look at the brilliant John Lewis work again to see how it should be done.

I don't know if this is Dave and Matty said:

From what I heard it was other people in the agency.

Nice spot though, just a little too long.

Night Owl said:

Really tiresome, overly sentimental and most of all BORING! The Richard Clayderman impersonation on piano is tired and adds more syrup to the sugar bowl.

The Cynic said:

I certainly wouldn't be releasing the music. Why have two fails in one piece of work.
The whole thing just lacks emotion.

John Lewis said:

John Lewis John Lewis John Lewis

ian said:

that's why juan mata is not in the man utd team,he's making commercials for david jones.

so-so said:

1] the idea is good.
2] the director has done well and shot some great footage.
3] it needs to be re-cut [cut 30 secs out at least]
4] the soundtrack needs re-mixing - more optimism/joy is needed
5] do the above and it could go from 'so-so' to 'fantastic'.

For all the Christmas haters. said:

What's easier than attacking a creative idea/ad???

… comparing all emotive Christmas spots to John Lewis ads.

This is a lovely, Aussie, Christmassy idea which has been well executed.

Generic shlock said:

I think we are all fairly sold on the idea of Christmas. Nostalgia, yep - like that too.
The bigger challenge is why should I drop my dough on pressies at DJs.

Joh Lewis, you are right.

Old school said:

I thought emotional ads were supposed to be emotional. Just saying.

Nice one said:

It brought tears to my eyes. Well done.

Santa's underpants said:


Phil said:

Brought tears to my eyes too but not in a good way.

wear out factor said:

didn't mind it, but I wouldn't watch it again if it came on, nothing to make me want to do that.

elf said:

If this was under my Xmas tree, i'd be very disappointed.....it's dull and laboured.

Sweet said:

I really liked it. Except for the last part when the kid looks like he got up on Christmas morning at 10am. I'm calling BS on that.
Otherwise lovely.

NOEL said:

So SO horribly mawkish.
Thank Christ Christmas only comes once a year.

only in advertising land! said:

Where else does the youngest member of the family get up the latest...what kind of insight is that?

Yes and no. said:

Hats off for getting a spot past David Jones that doesn't have David Jones bags / products in every scene. Almost.

But no respect for blatantly ripping off John Lewis with an 'Australian' angle. The spot's nice but the idea's been done and will be judged accordingly.

And it really does lack emotion. That's something you can't manufacture.

Criminal said:

Putting a chimney on Harry Seidler's modernist masterpiece - now that's just criminal.

Your mother said:

Laboured, dull and full of cliches. An over sentimental track doesn't make up for the lack of emotion in the execution. No reality, no connection, no cut through. Totally forgettable.

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