Sunbeam proves 'Cooking is Competitive' in a humourous campaign via The Works, Sydney

SUNBEAM.jpgHome appliances brand Sunbeam has released 'Cooking Is Competitive', a humourous campaign in the lead up to the entertaining season that uncovers the spirited nature of friends who try to impress each other with their cooking prowess.
Created by independent Sydney advertising agency The Works, the campaign will run across outdoor, in-store POS, online and on social media.
Says Kevin Macmillan, founder and creative partner of The Works: "Despite how it appears on the surface, there is an underlying competitive side to cooking which extends to appliances too. We are now surrounded by cooking shows, ebooks and information and the appetite to improve our cooking skills is increasing. And it ramps up through the holiday season when people are entertaining. I love the honesty of exploring the truth behind why people are presenting amazing dishes. Is it because they want to nurture their family and friends or is it because they are showing off?"
SUNBEAM2.jpgWhilst Sunbeam's 'Cooking Is Competitive' campaign features outdoor and other paid media, the secret to its success is the content. Having just launched through social media, the expectations are high for the content to bring awareness to the Sunbeam brand and product range. Behind the scenes, The Works and Sunbeam are also working on NPD and creating unique products to highlight what guests and hosts are really thinking.
Says Macmillan: "After our 'Real Men Cook' campaign, this is another example of our ambition to disrupt the category and get noticed. The fact that David Jones have given us a Christmas window is real proof that we are onto something."
The outdoor posters will run nationally across AdShel sites starting November 16th 2014.
SUNBEAM3.jpgThe Works
Kevin Macmillan - Founder & Creative Partner
Leo Bajzert - Creative Lead / Copywriter
Leighton Edridge - Art Director
Matthew Poulier - Creative Project Leader
Rhian Mathias - Creative Project Manager
Magdalena Rybicki - Creative Project Manager
Damien Hughes - Strategy Director
Vanessa Hartley - Social Strategist
Tim Anderson - Product Marketing Manager
John Turnbull - General Manager Marketing
Isaac O'Leary - Digital Marketing Manager
Sarah Francis - Product Marketing Manager


a said:

This is dreadful work.

@a said:

I think you need a hug.

Muffin said:

Good to see Sunbeam have a sense of humour about the category.

ANDY said:

This is seriously awful.

FFS said:

People it's 2014.

Jesse Pinkman said:

Pretty impressive to get "b*tch" approved in a headline.

Wow said:

Again, shockingly underwhelming..

These guys are totally deluded. Which is funny to watch.

SimonL said:

Love it!

Kill the planner said:

Awful strategy!

Idiot said:

Can someone please point out the funny bits to me?

Adland at its best said:

Look at all the credits


doubting thomas said:

Sunbeam proves 'Cooking is Competitive'? How? Where? They didn't 'prove' anything.

Yeah Na! said:

The Jerks at their best.


No wonder this industry is so pretentious. Cooking isn't competitive. It's about creation, warmth, nourishment, and friends and family getting together. "I think the message is just more reinforcement for a new generation of 'Wanta have it allers.' Shame on you, Sunbeam. You've sunk to the bottom of the pool.

side of a bus said:

I saw one of these ads on the side of a bus today and did a double take.
These guys are kidding right?
Our sunbeam iron just stopped working, and guess what? There is no way in hell I am buying another iron from ppl like this.

Ulysses Elias said:

The Sunbeam ad campaign is awful. It devalues a brand that is associated with retro, sunshine, generations of Australians, communal cooking, sharing and warmth. Many people uploaded critical comments about this appalling campaign to the Sunbeam Australia Facebook page but they have all been deleted. I will never buy a sunbeam appliance again.

This corporation doesn't value its own history, memory, sentiment and doesn't even understand its own "back catalogue". Until a month ago, I would have said Sunbeam was one of the few Australian products that even had a "back catalogue" but now I reckon it doesn't have one anymore and certainly doesn't deserve one.

Congratulations Sunbeam. You just committed brand suicide in the Australian market...

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