The Nimble Bunny saves the day in latest 'Nimble It and Move On' campaign via McCann Melbourne

ManInTheShower.jpgAfter winning more than 20 awards for its Unexpected Happens campaign, including Cannes Lions, an Asia Spike, AWARD Awards and New York Festival trophies, Nimble has unveiled a major new multi-channel campaign via McCann Melbourne, the world's most awarded agency of 2013, in conjunction with the launch of its new mobile app.

The online short term lender, which already provides more than 70% of its loans via mobile, is introducing the Nimble Bunny across TV, radio, outdoor and online.

Children'sParty.jpgNimble has created a new series of creative ads that take familiar situations like a phone bill shock and tell us not to freak out, but to just 'Nimble It and Move On!'

Directed by NZ filmmaker Taika Waititi of Curious Films, the ads bring the Nimble Bunny logo to life as a loveable, reliable yet socially unaware character who shows up when you most need SelfieObsession.jpgit, but least expect it. Launched this week, the first in the series of three features an awkward shower scene, a boy band tribute and even some doves.

Nimble, which is disrupting the lending industry by making borrowing as simple as a few taps on a device, once again showcases its quirky brand in the campaign, setting itself apart from the big banks and every other lender. Leveraging its technology platform, Nimble has created a reputation for its responsible lending and consumer-friendly practices.

Says Stirling Howland, brand strategist, Nimble: "We have a very clear vision for the Nimble brand and place huge importance on collaborating with the best creative talent we can find. On the back of an incredibly successful 12 months with our last campaign, getting the creative and strategic collaboration right again was crucial. We're stoked with the result and excited about rolling out the campaign in the coming weeks and months."

Says David Ponce de Leon, creative director, McCann Melbourne: "'Nimble It and Move On' is an exciting new direction for the brand. It's both a call to action and a solution. We believe it's going to help position Nimble as a simple, fast, and stress-free way to borrow money that will resonate with consumers."

Client: Nimble
Nimble Co-Founder: Greg Ellis
Nimble Co-Founder: Sean Teahan
Brand Strategist: Stirling Howland
Marketing Manager: Johan Kriegbaum
Online Strategist: Jay Stockwell

Agency: McCann Melbourne
Creative Director: David Ponce de Leon
Copy Writer: Patrick Trethowan
Art Director: Ryan Clayton
Senior TV Producer: Jo Alach
Senior Account Manager: Sally Bradley
Group Account Director: Serrin Dewar

Production Company: Curious
Director: Taika Waititi
Executive Producer: Matt Noonan
DOP: Lachlan Milne
Editor: Tim Mauger
Colourist: Martin Greer
Online Artist: Eugene Richards
Post-production: The Refinery Post Production Services
Music Supervision: Level Two Music
Music Composition: Electric Dreams
Soundtrack Production: Steve Williams/Flagstaff Studios


Poo said:

These are unbelievably shit.

What TF said:

These are terrible.
You've used the PR around someone else's work to set up your press release about your shocking follow up campaign. #shameonyou

2013 World's most awarded agency... said:

won't be winning awards of these. They are terrible.

Nuke said:

So Colenso NZ has lost the business...?
I thought the work they did was good, even though it seems their Bris agency tried to take the credit for it...
And yes these aren't a stitch on the Fat German Sauna Sweaters....

Non-Clemenger/Colenso person. said:

Poor behaviour from the client.

'Based on our multi award-winning work with another agency, we've dumped them like Taylor Swift and written some horrible pop-song ads with our new boyfriend.'

Shake It Off and move on.

Made me laugh said:

Made me laugh.

Fumble It and Move On said:

If you ride someone else's creative, you should build on the idea.

Better yet, have an original thought.

Have all the Dumb Ways creatives left the building? Likely (despite the credits list...)

Backstreet's Back said:

And great to see the bunny out as well.
Selfie spot was best of the bunch, nice one.

Bec said:

So is Tim Howman back for good?

Nimble It and Move Out. said:

Maybe it should be called Nimble It and Move Out (after you become homeless due to exorbitant fees).

Not sure how phone bill shock is resolved by short term loan 20% fee shock.

I like that they've cleverly anticipated and tapped into this 'selfie' trend that is becoming prevalent in mainstream culture. One to watch for 2015!

angry pants said:

Woah! This is an angry little corner of the internet.

I actually really like the ads. Hip thrust to pigeon release was well executed!

Useless, beardy twat rabbit. said:

I've had enough of beards, twats and rabbits. . . . and while we're at it, I've had enough of celebratory dances too.

When doves cry said:

Whats with the doves? Pretty funny.

TGIF said:

A lotta hate for a Friday afternoon. Hard to see why too. I agree with @Made me laugh. All 3 spots made me laugh too. Specially the first one. Nice work. Should work.

Not angry, just pants ... said:

Just pants.

Celebration Selfie! said:

That bunny has a fluffy tail!! Here puff, here puff!!

Selfie chick... Nice said:

I don't mind them. Nothing wrong with 80's references and a bit of Backstreet Boys.

Junk Time said:

This is bad guys.

You've taken one of the great campaigns of last year and followed it up with poo.

I know that sounds negative, but when Colenso / Proximity first released the Nibble spots I was patting them on the back. So this isn't about cutting down poppies, its about expressing my disappointment in you ruining a great ANZAC campaign

Ouch said:

That moment when you watch an ad and think, oooh they've changed agencies.

Yeah... said:


Ventura Spleen said:

Funny how these TVCs don't mention the exorbitant interest rates or how they trap people into a cycle of repayments. Have you no shame?

Pete said:

Quite like them. They'll work their tits off most likely... Not everything has to be Swedish blokes in saunas in cars to be good.

# said:


Goons said:

Nice one pup!

The first three comments said:

What the FUCK is with this website? People come on here and criticise every single ad. Why do you even bother typing these comments? These ads are dope. Pretty funny, well cast, and nicely shot. Also who gives an absolute SHIT if these ads win awards? If you're making ads just to win awards you are just a real fucking ghan.

What the fuck is wrong with you people? My bet is that the people making these comments are 19 year old Marketing students who have only seen the Dove real beauty ad, sleep in til 11 every morning, read Jodi Picoult, drink Hahn Premium light and get pissed off when someone changes the channel whilst they're watching Big Brother.

Get a haircut, make some ads of your own one day that are as funny as these, then you can maybe make these bitch ass comments. Get a rod up ya you bunch of fucking smashed crabs.

Nope Nope Nope said:

Fair to say these are horrid.

This blog is often a space for unwarranted criticism, but in this case I'd say it's all fair.

It's a big ask for a new agency to follow up Canne Lion winning work after a switch, but don't get angry about the minions picking apart your sub par work when you chose to PR it in the first place.

Giant bunny said:

My over-excited screaming kids pointed at a giant bunny man billboard on the freeway this morning and I almost smashed my car against the truck in front. Nice work guys. I bet this campaign will work its ass off.

Wager anyone? said:

Who wants to bet these ads are much better for Nimble's business than the last award winning ones?
It didn't take long for those award winning ones to be recut and have 15 seconds of retail graphics and VO shoved on the end so you bloody knew what Nimble offered.
Those award winning ones were very good short jokes. But as for communicating what it is Nimble does they were an absolute Mr Plow style FAIL.
These new ones are funny, and actually tell you what Nimble offer.
I'm offering $1.01. Any takers?


These aren't that bad, as far as financial services ads go. But i can't for the life of me understand why you'd draw attention to a previous agency's amazing, award winning work before rolling out your own ok work.

I tell you what that means said:

If you read it top to bottom, it is pretty obvious this is a client written and sent press release. McCann do not need to draw attention to other agencies awards. They have enough of their own.

Deb said:

Selfie ad is great - Funny and well cast. Who is the actress?

briand said:

You guys are clearly living in ad land. Which is far removed from where the general populace live. These ads are crap and they are socially irresponsible. Let's pay off an existing debt by incurring more debt! Sure, with that attitude, these payday loan sharks will soon be regulated out of existence.

Dave said:

Is the name of the actor in the shower in the Nimble ad Tristan something from Adelaide?

Urban Ant said:

Dumbest shit ever, and people pay other people to make this crap.
I change channels every time this crap comes on. Real amateur.

Not Born Yesterday...But The Day Before said:

When I have trouble having a shit, I just think of these adverts. Seems to help every time. That's why I never worked in advertising, because you basically have to push shit.

Gotta be right said:

ok, so my girlfriend and I have been having a "discussion'' about the nimble ad with Bella. My girlfriend believes that the guy on the bottom bunk who says 'holiday ghost' is the character of Jason that Bella refers to, I disagree and believe he is just another random guy living in the place. If anyone clear this up would be greatly appreciated.

@Gotta be right said:

Jase isn't in the ad. The backpacker is Sven.

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