CarsGuide launches 'We Love Every Car' Mardi Gras campaign with Uber via BWM Dentsu

Online auto marketplace has partnered with Uber and the Aurora Group GLBT charity this Mardi Gras, to launch 'We Love Every Car' consumer campaign today via BWM Dentsu, that runs until March 7. 

New and existing users of the popular Uber app can enter the 'MARDICAR' promo code into the app, giving them the option to request a free ride in one of three 'CarsGuide MardiCars.' All trips are free, and CarsGuide will donate $10 per ride to the Aurora Group charity. The cars will be available for request between 2pm-10pm from 26th February to the 7th March.

The Mardi Car brings to life the vibrant, festive atmosphere associated with the Mardi Gras and features custom designs by Sydney Illustrator Irene Feleo of birds of paradise, festival attendees dancing and the theme of cosmic love.

Says Glen Knowles, head of marketing, " is the challenger brand in what has become a tired old market. We wanted to show there is a 'better way' and have some fun at the same time. Our 'Mardi-Cars' raise awareness of CarsGuide, consumers get a free ride, and importantly we have the opportunity to give back to the community."

The new consumer campaign will feature full page advertisements in the Daily Telegraph, inlink office/cafe screens and Facebook.

Media Agency: MediaCom
Creative Agency: BWM Dentsu
Illustrator: Irene Feleo
Public Relations: The PR Group
Car Provider: VW Sutherland
Booking Engine: Uber


Ambushed said:

When a brand hijacks the Olympics or the world cup, I think it's fair. They're bazillion dollar corrupt enterprises who don't need any more money.

But if you're going to exploit the Mardi Gras, which you are, why not make a contribution to or sponsor the event itself as well as the charity link?

It all feels very fair weather and opportunistic, rather than done with any genuine concern for the welfare of the Gay community

Amused said:

Aurora Group GLBT Charity is a group that support Gay, Lesbian, Transgender programs

Deja vu said:

Gay BM's!

Glen said:

You are exactly right.
What got left out of the article is that even though the rides are free CarsGuide are donating $10.00 for every ride to the Aurora Group - and established LGBT charity.

@ Ambushed said:

Are you sure you read the press release and the idea?? While I don't think the idea is that good, they are donating and creating awareness. I'd say they are making a contribution.

OMG said:

Just get off the Gay Bandwagon already just cos' ANZ GayTM picked up it wasn't because it was gay - it was because it was cool.

Oh come on guys said:

Whybin's is the agency of record for the Mardi Gras - AirB'nB, ANZ, etc.

That's all they've got so leave it to them please.

I'll say it again said:

In attempt to embrace the Gay and Lesbian community the best we can do is hit the stereotype button.

@Oh come on said:

One could say the same about the airbnb idea. Do they really need to find a Mardi Gras idea for every client they have?

@ oh come on said:

That's kind of my point...

@@@oh come on said:


@ @ @ @ oh come on said:


Russty said:

If you're gonna troll us, here's one for you that's snappier.


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