Susie Henry celebrates 30 years at Leo Burnett

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Renowned and loved across the entire Publicis Groupe and the advertising industry worldwide, Susie Henry recently marked an amazing 30 years at Leo Burnett Sydney. 

Says Todd Sampson, CEO, Leo Burnett Australia: "I adore Susie, she is one of the most unique people I have ever met and we are all so lucky to have her. There is no one better to represent our culture than Susie."
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Joining the agency in 1985 as the assistant to the CEO, Susie held the position for many years working for various leaders in advertising before moving to become the face of Leo's at reception.

Says Henry: "My happiness is greeting people, making them feel welcome and relaxed. If there is a secret, it's being genuine. I enjoy what I do, and I think that shows."

Beloved by all who 
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cross her path, Susie is world-class. Famous for her welcoming smile, over the top fashion - always with major jewelry and bling - along with her wicked sense of humour, Susie is the heartbeat of the agency.

"I just love working at Leo Burnett. Mostly I try to make coming into this agency a pleasure for all who do - and that includes staff, clients and delivery boys."


Matt Cramp said:

Wonderful news Susie. You are an industry legend!

LInda said:

Congrats Susie, you do an awesome job.
Linda Jones

Gawen said:

We all love someone who loves their job ... and lets it show!

Joy Clark said:

Like so many, I have had the pleasure of working with Susie. She is definitely unique, she's funny, she lights up a room when she walks in - and she never forgets a face or a client's name. Well done Suze - you deserve it all xx

Robert Stock said:

Always a pleasure to visit Leo's and see Susie.

L said:

Congrats Susie!

Andy Firth said:

Brilliant stuff. A great woman. One of those fantastic people who was born to work in adland.

Esther said:

Congratulations Susie!

You're a wonderful ambassador for the industry as well as Leo's :)

Someone who definitely doesn't work at Leo Burnett said:

Susie Henry is a living walking piece of art. A true masterpiece in character.

Bonnie Mac said:

But you don't even look a day over 30?? Huge congrats Susie and much love xx

Jodie said:

Thanks Susie for ordering the instant coffee for me. xxxx You rock.

Derek Craig said:

Congratulations Susie Legendary

Col & Gwen said:

Congrats Susie - still dancing on the tables no doubt. XX

Long Pants said:

Love ya Susie, you are more important than you will ever realise.

Trish & Louise said:

You outlasted us!! Well done, Suzie!!

Heather Kenndy said:

30 years is a true believer in the advertising game and your job. Fantastic Susie. We always knew you were the best in every way. Keep on keeping on.

Thunder said:

Like Joy Clarke, I had the unique pleasure to work with Suzie at Lintas many years ago and everything said in this release is correct, a great lady

Thunder said:

I had the pleasure of working with Suzie at Lintas many eons ago and I'm sure her effervescent personality whilst at LB was front and centre

P said:

I worked beside Suzie at Leo in North Sydney, she is a friend, mentor and someone who is unforgettable in the best way - Suzie lights up your life. A wonderful role model for younger people. Keep spreading the Sunshine Suzie.

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