Hahn encourages Aussies to become 'Experience Collectors' in new campaign via Ogilvy Sydney

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 9.13.31 am.jpgThis Sunday will see Hahn launch its new creative platform for its flagship brand, Hahn SuperDry via Ogilvy Sydney.

The platform - Experience Collectors - will launch with a TVC, OOH and digital campaign designed to tap into the true passions of Hahn's drinkers and create a closer emotional connection with the brand.

Experience_Collectors_1.jpgInspired by Hahn's own story of four guys taking a risk to follow their passion of brewing better beers, Experience Collectors follows the story of a guy who overcomes personal challenges to gain new experiences, move forward and find personal growth.

The insight behind the campaign was that Hahn's target audience seeks to actively engage with things they're passionate about. While they understood Hahn brews high quality beers, they had little understanding of the brand story or the values that drive the brand.

Says Tanya Marler, brand director at Lion: "We are hugely excited and proud of this new Hahn SuperDry campaign. Experience Collectors is exactly the kind of thought provoking and inspiring work we aspire to for Hahn SuperDry. It's one of our flagship brands Experience_Collectors_2.jpgand we know it will continue to grow and move the beer market forward."

The creative sees our hero experience (amongst others) quitting his job, shark diving, falling out of love, shaping his own surfboard, motorbike trekking across Asia and starting his own business. Directed by renowned Australian filmmaker Patrick Hughes and shot in locations across Cape Town, Prague and Vietnam in a whirlwind three week production, the finished product brings to life the idea of taking risks to follow your passions and find personal growth.

Ogilvy won the Hahn business in mid-December with its strategy for Experience Collectors, and has developed the creative over the last three months.

Says Marler: "This campaign marks the Experience_Collectors_3.jpgbeginning of an exciting period for Lion as we embark on this new creative partnership with Ogilvy. We believe they have already set the benchmark high with this outstanding work."

Says David Fox, CEO, Ogilvy Australia: "Everyone at the agency was so excited when it was announced we were back on the Lion agency roster, and we are now as excited to see the first work rolling out for Hahn SuperDry. Ogilvy have a rich history with the Lion business and we are honoured to be back working with the team on the great brands they have.

"The new work for Hahn SuperDry is just the starting point for what we believe will be a platform to drive a long term strategy of consumer engagement that takes the connection drinkers have with the brand to a new space."

The TVC and digital campaign will run for six weeks, with additional bursts later in the year.

Derek Green - Executive Creative Director - Ogilvy Australia
Shaun Branagan - Creative Director - Ogilvy Australia
Josh Parmenter - Copywriter - Ogilvy Australia
Seamus Fagan - Art Director - Ogilvy Australia
Nathan Quailey - General Manager - Ogilvy Australia
Duncan Stevens - Business Director - Ogilvy Australia
John Marshall - Account Director - Ogilvy Australia
Kate Smith - Senior Account Manager - Ogilvy Australia
Deborah Tran - Account Executive - Ogilvy Australia
Ryan O'Connell - Deputy Head of Planning - Ogilvy Australia
Sam Tatam - Brand Planner - Ogilvy Australia
Rob Spencer - Head of Broadcast and Video Production - Ogilvy Australia
William Horne - Second Unit Director - Ogilvy Australia
Renee Nadin - Junior TV Producer - Ogilvy Australia

Rob Galluzzo - Founder - FINCH
Corey Esse - Managing Director - FINCH
Patrick Hughes - Director - FINCH
Jeremy Rouse - Director of Photography - FINCH
Michael Hilliard - Executive Producer - FINCH
Roy De Giorgio - Producer - FINCH
Joanna Scott - Editor - The Butchery
Method Studios - Grade/Online/VFX
Sound Reservoir - Sound
Mike Barry - Creative Director
Claire Seidler - Senior Producer
Abi Scott - Senior Account Director


You have to say said:

This is some of the greatest insight driven work for beer I have ever seen.

Well done guys.

leisai said:

Proud of you Josh & Seamus.

Stevi said:


You have to say... said:

this is terrible

honest bob said:

what rubbish.

what the heck does it have to do with the beer? nothing.

feels like a nestle ad. made by nestle marketers.

lion has lost their way.

ohyeah said:

And let the juniors negative comments begin.

pseudonym said:

Why is a macro beer brewed in Australia talking about searching for/collecting experiences... honestly guys. Do you think the public are dumb?

love it said:

best beer ad in ages.

More like Hahn Pooper Dry said:

This is straight up garbage. Really expensive garbage.

"Hey guys Hahn's brand strategy is to target Experience Collectors, here's the brief"
"Hmm this is a pretty good looking brief. Why don't we just film it word for word?"

Ben said:

Best tourism ad in ages.

Have plan said:

Planners are always the smartest people in the room. That's why they get to write the ads these days.

I wanted to hate it but.... said:

I like it. Better than the usual boof head beer gags.

Smart young dude said:

No thanks, I feel like I've just been marketed to.

Planner said:

"The target audience seeks to actively engage with things they're passionate about."

You mean people do things they like?

Part-time planner said:


sleepy said:

i guess a lot of people must have stayed up pretty late working on a pitch they didnt win. why not vent here.

Another planner said said:

Was in the bottle shop earlier and remembered that 'Experience Collector' beer.
Couldn't see any though so just bought my usual.

Jonesy said:

Geezuz you guys are a cynical bunch. Why is this industry so hell-bent on criticism, cynicism and self-destruction? I'm in agency land - and work on a competitive beer - and i like this from both a strategic and executional POV. And if I'm 'Joe Public' - I like it too. Its fresh, it tells a story, its entertaining and well-shot. There you go....that didn't hurt a bit! Grow up you negative nay-sayer's..

an opinion said:

so bad....just flat!

Around the world said:

"...shot in locations across Cape Town, Prague and Vietnam"... can't deny someone's ability to sell that in to the client when they could have shot all those executions above in South Australia - sharks in Port Lincoln and landscape in the Flinders Rangers. Probably not as much fun for all involved though...

wtf said:

benchmark set indeed.

wow said:

it's not even a good strategy. that's the sad thing.

So Ogilvy said:

So very very, very Ogilvy.

Did you really? said:

...rip-off something this bad?


warm, flat beer said:

just like this product, someones taken all the fun out of the ads. when did beer ads become so boring, bland and rational? reeks of planners.

Dave said:

The tried to be entertaining, it didn't work, maybe next time huh.

Lacking the necessary bitterness said:

Some of the comments on here are hilarious! I love this industry! So petty!

It's pretty good work. I give it my esteemed tick of approval.

2002 said:


A more realistic and honest version of a young man's experience collection.

funny said:

everyone judging this on 3 press ads!

avid reader said:

an even more realist and honest version of a young man's experience.


FFS said:

What do you expect it's from the same clowns that created stop and smell the chicken and the really bad raining bacon rubbish...new ECD, get the broom out.

hey funny said:

I'm not judging the print ads - I'm judging the film.

And I'm not blaming the agency. Hahn has now had three attempts at defining it as a beer from three different agencies.

Mojo. Whybin. Now Ogilvy.

All of those agency are usually not too bad.

I think the problem for this dribble is coming from inside of Lion. To be honest I haven't seen much great coming from Lion (or CUB) for that matter for some time.

You would think, in a declining market, now was the time to try something a bit more inspired - no?

This is advertising people talking to themselves.

I've made beer ads said:

The dark ages of great Australian Beer advertising is upon us. A category of advertising that Australia was famous for is slowly being brewed into something that lacks craft, ideas, originality and the most important thing humour. Let's not forget that when we all have a beer, usually a few laughs follow.

You can't even get Hahn Super Dry in Nepal you IDIOTS!!!

I thought you was a bank said:

I have these wise words tattooed on the inside of my left forearm.
It's my non drinking arm - so I can read them while I refresh on this delicious beverage.

@ hey funny said:

unfortunately when a brand (or in this case a mainstream beer) is in decline the first thing they do is go conservative. It becomes a spiral. This campaign is the result.

Doug Blanket said:

'Experience Collectors' - Why have copywriters when you can have strategists?

Your briefs are showing said:

If making a good campaign was as simple as taking a sentence that sums up a lame marketing 'insight' about the target audience and sticking a question mark on the end of it, you guys would have written a really good campaign.

Unfortunately, it's not that simple.

Beep said:

What's the song on the TV commercial?

Poor aussie beer ads. said:

If one of my friends identified themselves as an 'experience collector' i'd punch them in the face.
I dare the marketing manager of this brand to sit down with his mates and watch Super in, Super out and then this ad back to back. See which one they react to.

Bobby said:

stop blaming the planner.

The client forced the agency into this.

Lion needs new mktg leadership

Obvious said:

The problem is, Super In Super Out didn't work.

I suspect it is because the beer itself is weak swill, but who knows.

McNulty said:

This is bad.

The main reason is that the strategy is banal. "Life is better when you have interesting experiences" is not novel, surprising, or thought-provoking. At all.

Even if it was a brilliant insight, the ad would be a fail, because the insight is not connected to the product, so the ads don't feel justified or satisfying. The job is to link the two. E.g. The fact you have to wait for a Guinness meshes seamlessly with 'Good things come to those who wait.'

I'm not going to get into who to blame - hard to know. And the answer to that is sometimes surprising.

P.S. I don't work for an agency that also pitched for this, and I'm a CD not a junior.

agree said:

This is some of the greatest insight driven work for beer I have ever seen.

Well done guys.

Dave said:

I thought this was an ad for a university. Feels like it was written by a planner at a university anyway.

adgirl said:


Rob said:

I'm sure the shoot was a great trip but I can't see any creatives traveling up any award aisles for this one. It really isn't very good.

aktiongirl said:

YES I AM ...

but there's a couple of things going awry for me in this strategy / communication ...

1. although the spot is lovely ... there's not enough connection created with who I am, and the motivation to buy/drink this product ... how is the beer related to the way I live my life?

2. the line's clunky ... "Are you an experience collector?" ... the poster could just say "Experience collector" and I would get it ... because I am one :)

3. we're a pretty rare breed ... to be able to walk out of a job like that, which i've done a number of times over ... most people can't, couldn't ... is the ad trying to infer, if you drink this beer - you'll become more adventurous ? Me thinks that's drawing a pretty long bow.

Vitamin A said:

Just saw the TVC... It genuinely looks and feels like a health ad for vitamin water.

To see beer at the end seemed so out of place.

Not blaming Oglivy. All the evidence points to client not understanding the category they are in.

realist said:

Nicely shot ad. But I'm struggling to see the connection with beer. For my money it's a bit too reminiscent of those tampon ads where by using the product all of a sudden you get to do amazing things. Kinda dated.

yah said:

Is it because when you drink beer, lots of beer... you make mistakes, or have 'experiences' and THEN the morning after when you're wallowing in regret you grow from them? Because if thats the insight I think its a winner.

Wow said:

This is lame.
The strategy is ok -you could argue that Dos Equis started with the same insight, but then they took it somewhere interesting with, y'know, creativity.
But I guess Ogilvy don't have any of that.

Tapped out said:

Lion can't market themselves out of a brown paper bag... I find it weird that declining brands/categories always go safe, when going with awesome creative may actually have a chance of pulling them out of a tailspin (kinda like how Guinness did with "Surfer")

Graeme said:

Sensational campaign. Nice work

Fuck Sake. said:

I'm just looking for the name of the song in the ad only to browse through a bunch of articles and wankers getting their arse puckered over a beer advertisement!

Song Name said:

Name of the song is called Your Wish by Talisco.
Great sounding song.

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