Leo Burnett, Sydney takes out AdNews Agency of the Year; Scott Whybin inducted into Hall of Fame

DILALLO-NEW-web.jpgSampson Todd NEW.JPGLeo Burnett, Sydney took out the AdNews Agency of the Year gong at an award ceremony held last night in Sydney.

Agency of the Year: Leo Burnett, Sydney
Advertising Network of the Year: Leo Burnett
NSW Agency of the Year: Leo Burnett, Sydney
Victorian Agency of the Year: Cummins&Partners, Melbourne
State Agency of the Year: The Brand Agency, Perth
Ad of the Year: Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney for Toyota Hilux 'Unbreakable Driver'
Digital Campaign of the Year: Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney for Luxottica 'Penny the Pirate'
Ad Campaign of the Year: DDB Melbourne for Radiant 'Radiant Return'
Branded Content Award: DDB Melbourne for Radiant 'Radiant Return'
Media Campaign of the Year: Initiative for Kia 'Game On' 
Media Network of the Year: UM
Media Agency of the Year: Bohemia
The Game Changer Award: Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney for Luxottica 'Penny the Pirate'
UN LTD Award: DDB Melbourne for RSL 'ANZAC Appeal'
The Best Use of Data Award: M&C Saatchi, Sydney for CommBank 'See More Inside'
Digital Agency of the Year: Soap Creative
Small Agency of the Year: 3rdSpace
Independent Agency of the Year: Cummins&Partners
Direct Agency of the Year: Lavender
Specialist Agency of the Year: Mnet
PR Agency of the Year: Mango Australia
Emerging Agency of the Year: The General Store

WHYBIN_SCOTT-SMALL.jpgAdNews Hall of Fame: Whybin\TBWA chairman Scott Whybin.
View the video honouring Whybin


Old Palace Man said:

Well done Scott.
Richly deserved and loved the tribute video

What about the work? said:

No doubting Leo's had a great year on the new business front (Woolies particularly) but can't remember much great work last year, except Samsung S-Drive app. I presume these awards are judged by marketers?

Ron Shaw-Ron said:

What about the work?

Maybe they produced less scams?

Well done Scott said:

With Scott's charisma and the other guy's talent - who knows how far they could go!

Hashtag boom said:

I love Leo's. And congrats but that guy that came up was the talk of the night (and still today) with his hashtag and one worded speech. A little bit of humbleness and a couple of nice words would have been great.

The Work said:

@ What about the work.

#7 agency in the world. Do your research buddy.

Respect said:

Michael, I think a photo of Scott might be appropriate here.

@ The Work said:

"#7 agency in the world"

yes, based on a few dodgy ads and some 'pro-active' work for a very accommodating client done in 2013. Please don't kid yourself otherwise.

Peace said:

Well done LB and Number 7 in the WORLD! Simply Brilliant.
Wish the Aussie industry would just support and not hate so much.

Peace and truth said:

Peace and all but what's fair is fair. It is no secret. Everybody knows that most of that work is not kosher.

Our fab industry said:

Didn't a lot of the Devondale work get taken off air?

Neutral said:

Sorry I don't get it. All the work I see from Leo's is big stuff for big clients - Samsung, Diageo, Coke, Canon etc. In order to do these big projects they need their clients 100% support. These are big campaigns that can't be done as scamy on the side stuff. So when people say Leo's work is not kosher or it is exploiting the industry I don't know what you mean. Through my eyes they are selling great work to their clients that most others can't .... and I think that's where the anger is coming from. You don't understand it, because you can't do it! It is completely foreign to your mediocre world.
My favourite stuff from Leo's this year is S-drive and the latest Bundaberg rum campaign. How is this stuff not kosher?
Now before everyone jumps down my throat, yes in the past Leo's have done the occasional small piece of work that may raise eyebrows and they should be wary of that. A few small dodgy things can undo all their good work. But I doubt that stuff is what won them the Adnews title.
I know many nice and very talented people at Leo's and it annoys me when others try put them down out of what seems like hatred and jealousy.
Leo's and their clients should be applauded.

Sorry... said:

...but please give some details about what they do and don't produce. And how they cheat. I'm confused right now. Reeks of just regular advertising jealousy.

adland at its best said:


Well, let's just start at Earth Hour. Do you know where the idea came from?

I'm sure you know all the people who took credit for it.

A+ said:

@ adland at its best,
Wow, you really are clutching at straws to bring up a campaign that was done nearly 10 years ago!! I bet three quarters of the current Leo Burnett staff were still in school! I don't know what you're referring to and I don't really care .... It was nearly a decade ago!!!
You reek of desperation. Why so much hate?

@adland at its best said:

EarthHour is your response? Are you f&$king kidding? That's the basis for why their work is not kosher? Really? Firstly, it was done a decade ago and secondly it was done legitimately through a large local client. Who cares what names are on work. That's got nothing to do with winning agency titles; doing real and effective work for big clients does, which is what they've been doing recently.
The bitterness of this industry continues to astound me.

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