Aussie property group Mirvac appoints Zuni to manage year-long training program for marketers

mirvac_lobby_awards_005Crop.jpgAs digital begins to enter maturity and more organisations are obtaining senior buy-in, one of the biggest remaining barriers to uptake in digital is education.

Australian property group Mirvac has recognised the importance of formal digital training for its retail marketing team and has engaged boutique digital marketing agency Zuni, specialist in digital strategy and training, for a year-long training program to ensure its marketers receive the training and guidance they need to keep them up to speed in this rapidly changing environment.
The digital sector is amongst the fastest growing and the demand for marketers to keep up is increasing as organisations simply cannot afford to be left behind. For brands to simply survive let alone thrive in this digital age, their marketing team can no longer deny the importance of digital to their marketing mix.
Whilst an increased number of marketers are convinced of its place in their marketing plans due to benefits such as advanced targeting and superior tracking and metrics, there remains concerns around fully understanding new technologies, how to best utilise them for their business and keeping up with the constant changes and evolution within the space.
Says Valentina Borbone, Zuni director: "Businesses can not simply expect their marketing team to be experts in each new technology or social platforms and be able to keep abreast of the constant daily changes in the digital space. Mirvac is a fantastic example of an organisation that has acknowledged that it is their responsibility to provide their team with the ongoing training and development needed to ensure they understand how new technologies and consumer behaviours will affect their business."
Says Paul Pozzobon, national marketing manager, Mirvac Retail: "Investment in the ongoing training and development of our staff is a priority. Zuni's expertise in training, digital and the retail space in particular ensured they were the ideal training partner for the Mirvac Retail marketing team.  The key element of their customised training program that will ensure the successful development of our team is that it is ongoing, with monthly impactful sessions that include actionable training, not just theory."

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