Optus says 'yes' to the magic of the internet in a new television campaign via M&C Saatchi Sydney

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 7.43.44 am.jpgShowcasing the magic of the Internet and the ability to access an entire world using only your fingertips, Optus' epic new spot via M&C Saatchi Sydney - directed by the award-winning Paul Middleditch via Plaza Films - shows a typical Australian family accessing an amazing world of sport, travel, communication, gaming and music.

The TVC features remarkable special effects by ALT VFX and a moving score created by Sydney-based composer Elliot Wheeler (Great Gatsby.)

Says Karen Phipson, director active consideration at Optus: "The Live Unlimited TVC was a real passion project for the Optus team. The brief was to bring to life the limitless possibilities of Optus broadband. We wanted to elevate 'unlimited' and tap into the feeling and joy it brings and the places it can take you."
Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 7.44.11 am.jpgSays Sophie Ayles, group strategy director at M&C Saatchi: "We wanted to bring to life a magical journey through the internet that celebrates the boundless wonder and unlimited freedom of Optus home broadband. We pulled through Optus' attitude of 'Yes' to celebrating the most significant innovation of modern time and  'Yes' to helping Australian families live unlimited."
Says Andy Flemming, creative director at M&C Saatchi: "The Internet is one of the greatest creations of all time. The sum total of human knowledge is in there, as are the friends we connect with and the movies and music we want to consume, so the spot needed to cover a variety of different genres and moods - playful, epic, tender, silly and human. I think Paul's one of the few directors who can pull something like that off. We're delighted with how it turned out and ALT definitely enjoyed geeking out with the space scenes."

Executive Creative Director: Ben Welsh
Creative Director: Andy Flemming
Writer: Sri Mogeri
Art Director: Ronojoy Ghosh
Sound: Elliott Wheeler
Agency Producer: Loren August
Group Strategy Director: Sophie Ayles
Group Head: Chiquita King
Group Account Director: Yash Gandhi
Senior Account Manager: Faith Smith

Production Company: Plaza Films
Director: Paul Middleditch

Executive Producer: Peter Masterton
Head of Production: Megan Ayers
Edit House: The Editors
Editor: Peter Whitmore ASE


russel coite said:

kind of like that telstra execution... only way better.

Yes said:

Wow. It's the telstra ad shot with a budget

MIKE said:

M&C do big very very well. Top job.

e said:

It's also interesting that the post for Telstra's version was pulled.

.... said:

Nice. Also embarrassing for DDB.

Fairs fair said:

Put the Telstra ad back up so we can compare it objectively....

Interesting said:

I notice the Telstra job has been removed from the CB site. Embarrassing. A victory for filmmaking. Well done all.

Interesting said:

And as a good comparison, for those who are interested, here is the Telstra spot again. https://www.youtube.com/user/TelstraCorp

Just goes to show said:

How a concept can really come to life with the right investment

fark said:

That makes the Telstra spot look like it was created by a 3 year old

Optus 1 Telstra 0 said:

I'm sure the guys at DDB had a better execution for that Telstra ad but the client didnt really follow on it while Optus said yes to the creative....

sad said:

It's sad to see DDB turning into a joke.

Yes said:

Yes, yes, yes

Yes said:

Love it

pugwash said:

Great Gatsby?

urgh i wouldnt want that pile on my resume

Pl said:

Nice to see some proper story and film making. Content that actually deserves an audience.

Missy Bigglesworth said:

Beautiful, considered, and making waves. Big ups to M&C and all involved.

Telstar said:


The Telstra one already looked crap. Now it looks appalling.

adgirl said:

More great work from M&C; Australia's star agency.

Woo said:


Optus doin' da big stuff with M&C.

Nice to have something decent after the Ricky spot.

Top work.

Pauly said:

Not one mention of the director.
Hilarious. M&C people should be thanking him and his team for making you look good.

Nice one PM.

doh said:


Short poppy said:

I think there are a few bitter ex DDB people on here. Or other agencies sniffing out new opportunities.

The DDB stuff wasn't brilliant, but it wasn't bad by any stretch of the imagination.

However this is worthy of a mention. Especially for Optus, a tough client.

Well done all.

Epic said:

Don't see many like this anymore.

Great idea, flawlessly executed.

Well done all.

me said:

They say you should make advertising that makes your competitors jealous. I think there might be a few green eyed people at Telstra and DDB right now.

Agree with Optus 1 Telstra 0 said:

Yep. Totally the client screwing with DDB... I don't think it's their fault at all.

Telstra doesn't like risks: Optus can't afford not to take them.

Tom Ballard said:

Thank christ there's no Josh Thomas in this one

#pauly said:

Not one mention of the director ?

Paul's mentioned in paragraph one.

But hey, nobody reads anymore.

"...Optus' epic new spot via M&C Saatchi Sydney - directed by the award-winning Paul Middleditch via Plaza Films - shows a typical Australian family accessing an amazing world of sport, travel, communication, gaming and music."

Steve said:

Nice to see that email calling all M&C staff to post positive comments was sent out as normal.

KH said:

Gorgeous work- you can see the love that went into every aspect of this from the idea to the casting, music, directing and editing.

Well done Andy, Sri, Ronojoy and Loren - and you too Karen @ Optus for getting this work up. Clients get the work they deserve and you clearly deserve better than your counterpart at Telstra - and pretty much every other big advertiser in this country (Coles, Woolworths, Holden, Qantas, Westpac, ANZ.... please take note!)

I don't work at M&C Saatchi, but am grateful to the team there and the client for producing something that elevates the quality of our industry's output - we all benefit from that.

Yawn said:

why is ATL so boring these days?

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