McDonald's launches a very 'Un McDonald's' campaign for Create Your Taste via DDB Sydney

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 12.26.16 pm.jpgThis week sees McDonald's Australia launch the first advertising campaign for its latest innovation, Create Your Taste. Led by DDB Sydney, the work sets out to showcase the significant - and un McDonald's - changes Australians can see when they head into McDonald's restaurants.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 12.26.46 pm.jpgSays Mark Lollback, chief marketing officer, McDonald's Australia: "This is the biggest innovation our business has seen since the introduction of McCafe. We know based on the response we've had from those who've visited the stores we've transformed already, consumers are surprised to see McDonald's offering gourmet ingredients and table service - and that as a result we're attracting people who didn't think McDonald's was for them."

Says Toby Talbot, chief creative officer, DDB Sydney: "Playing off the reaction Aussies have had so far to Create Your Taste, the Un McDonald's campaign tackles the noticeable changes head on, and celebrates them. The work is different to anything we've done for the brand before and I think even the harshest of sceptics might just reconsider Macca's when they see this work."

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 12.27.07 pm.jpgSays Lollback: "Given the importance of the Create Your Taste offering to our business, at the core of our brief to our agencies was to disrupt the market and keep Australians talking about this new venture. We believe the campaign that's been created for us by DDB Sydney absolutely does this and as a marketing team we're looking forward to seeing the work roll-out."

The campaign is initially centred in the Victorian market and will rollout across TV, digital, radio, OOH, social, CRM, activation and print, before extending into a national campaign in June.

McDonald's Australia:
Chief Marketing Officer: Mark Lollback
Senior Director of Marketing: Bronwyn Powell
National Marketing Manager: Jo Feeney
National Marketing Manager: Vanessa Rowed
Brand Manager: Elise Sproll

DDB Sydney
Chief Creative Officer: Toby Talbot
Deputy Executive Creative Director: Cam Hoelter
Creative Partner: Steve Jackson
Creative Partner: Peter Galmes
Creative Technology Director: Shaun O'Connor
Senior Creative Team: Jade Manning and Vincent Osmond
Executive Producer: Sarah Hetherington
Design Director: Dom Bartolo
Senior TV Producer: Claire Seffrin
Managing Director: Nicole Taylor
Group Business Director: Lisa Hauptmann
Business Director: Lisa Little
Senior Business Manager: Chris Sinclair
Head of Planning: Fran Clayton
Planning Director: Anna Bollinger

Production: Exit Films
Director: Stephen Carroll
Producer: Tobias Webster
Editor: Dan Lee, The Butchery
Post House: Heckler
Sound: Nylon
Original Music: Handel's 'Zadok The Priest'
Media: OMD
Activation: Fuse
Social: VML


Airhead said:

Quick! Somebody tell me what to think.

not real said:

mcdonald eating moscot wearer?

Hungry said:

Looks like a well executed campaign. Granted, it would be interesting to know how closely DDB worked with Maccas on the core business idea.

Hats off said:

Finest work this (difficult) client has pulled off in a long time.

very nice said:

These are great. Give that idea 'sell in' team a raise.

To be clear said:

This isn't something that they created, it is a global initiative. (The actual product) The problem is that it over promises, under delivers. This campaign is fine, nothing special but not awful. The actual experience is pretty poor in store and the level of repeat custom is going to be near 0. Another blow for a brand struggling to work out how to exist in 2015

Fast Food said:

They appear to have forgotten why one goes to McDonald's.

Todd said:

i wouldn't have approved that.

Eat fresh said:

I think I'd rather just go to Subway.

clever stuff said:

It's a smart campaign in that it nails the "reconsider Maccas" thought in a way that warns people not to be too pretentious when it comes to their food. Can't help but hope this product fails though as penance for all the people around the world made fat by this terrible food.

McWankers said:

So, you're now either a massive dropkick or a massive wanker to eat at Macca's.

Rest in Grease said:

McDonald's is history. record number of outlets have been shut down in the US and the trend will only continue worldwide. This pathetic attempt at saving a brand that should have died a long time ago only demonstrates how desperate they are. So long Ronald. Good riddance.

I'm hatin' it said:

"What fresh ways can we sell month old offal to fat, stupid people?"

"Umm, tell them they're special fat, stupid people?"

"Genius ! Your pay rise shall be fulfilled in burgers"

"Yay advertising!!"

Groucho said:

Good on you McD's, giving the silly people a choice of how they achieve obesity and Type 2 Diabetes while telling themselves they are really eating healthy.

cringe said:

shit on all levels much like the food and the brand itself.

Greg said:

In fairness i don't think there was any mention of healthy.
(I don't work for them and i don't particularly like Maccas)

pugwash said:

Looks like someone took Veksner's advice and decided to rip off some old dead composer instead of paying a live one...

Groucho said:

@Greg you're right of course. I don't know how I can live with myself.

CC said:

I think the spot absolutely benefitted from the 2.35:1 cinemascope feel.

All those wide open spaces.

Le Shit said:

Design your meal from prepackaged ingredients on a touch screen computer, then have it crafted by a 15 year old in the kitchen.


This just shows that Australians have turned their back entirely on the brand and aren't returning anytime soon. Feels very desperate.

Person said:

Great work. Tough client.

@Hats Off said:

Let's see what the jury says.

Delicious foam said:

I don't care what kind of cheese you put on it, it's still bizarre foamed beef residue.

I don't understand it said:

The old dead composer is GF Handel. He did work for some time in a city in Germany called Hamburg. I guess that's a pretty good connection.

Curious said:

Is the voice over that oF macro Pierre White?

baffled said:

When I first saw this, wondered if this were a wierd Burgerking add. 'very Un-Mcdonalds' made a connotation to real burgers with me.. So I decided to search. After readings these, still cant understand why a brand would try to sell its anti-name... I took it as admission of not good enough products, not 'build your own burger'. That is not 'very Un-Mcdonalds '. Bad campaign, bad connection, surely wont help McDonald's.

David T said:

My respect for Marco Pierre White just dropped a notch. ... Money talks I guess!

Doe do said:

Who is the voice

Harold said:

The vo's name is Michael Swain. It wasn't MPW.

Bubbles said:

Does anyone know who this actor is?

Hugson said:

Might be Leigh Lawson's voice.

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