MLA takes 'You're Better on Beef' to the next level with brand new content piece via One Green Bean

Honey Badger Vs Boy Scout 40.jpgMeat and Livestock Australia (MLA) has today announced the launch of a new digital and PR campaign via One Green Bean - the first for the beef brand under the recently launched 'You're Better on Beef' banner.

In his first role as Beef Ambassador, rugby star Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins showcases the health benefits of beef and reminds Australians that they can be better at whatever they want - as long as they have the right fuel in the tank.

Honey Badger Vs Boy Scout 50.jpgThe engaging digital content created by One Green Bean features the Badge revealing that he wants to improve his bush survival skills. Fuelling up on beef, he's put through his paces by an expert survivalist.

Says Andrew Howie, marketing manager consumer programs at Meat & Livestock Australia: "You are what you eat, and beef contains nutrients that support both physical and mental wellbeing to help you perform at your peak. Australia has the best-tasting beef in the world, and the 'You're Better on Beef' platform is designed to inspire the nation to power up and be proud of their meal choices. We're delighted that Nick's on board - as a high-performing, health-conscious Aussie who loves his beef, he's the perfect advocate for beef."

Targeted at time-poor families with nutrition high on their agenda, the campaign is backed with a strong nutritional message that emphasises the health credentials of lean beef.

Packed with 13 essential nutrients required for health and wellbeing, including protein for strength, iron for energy and zinc for brainpower, beef is the fuel to keep Aussies performing at their best.

Says Nick Cummins: "As an athlete, nourishing the rig is crucial and beef is the answer. The word is it contains 13 critical nutrients - and besides protein, it has iron, which fuels the tank when I'm on the burst, and zinc, which helps me talk some sense after a big game."

To view Cummins out of his natural habitat and improving his bush survival skills, head to: The campaign is supported by media spend and consumer research uncovering what Australians want to be better at.

Creative and content - One Green Bean
Production - Versus
One Green Bean
Media Buy - UM


content? said:

too long.

Sliding Down said:

Wow, what are they doing over there?

Yawn said:

Stopped half way..... failed.

has bean said:

straight from the ironman ad book. obvious and offputting.

like said:

thought it was decent - honey badger delivered

Geeze said:

More "PR" lead dribble from OGB.

Peak said:

Who would watch this without be forced?
Have we reached "peak content" yet?
I hope so.

Bagging some meat said:

Pretty funny. Say what you will about the content - it's getting people talking. PR, tick. Well done OGB.

Jack Sparrow said:

Worked for me. Honey Badger's hilarious.

Ben said:

What a wasted opportunity. This 'content' rubbish has to end. They'd have been better off just spending the dosh on a TVC.

Benny said:

Way to be a bunch Debbie Downers you hairy-twatted dildos. It's been shared over 2,200 times on Facebook?! Since yesterday.

Bob said:

Yawn. I really don't understand why we're still giving good ideas, developed by one agency (in this case BMF) to 'content/pr' agencies to massacre. BMF would have done a much better piece of content, with their own idea.

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