The Environment Protection Agency launches short film on air pollution via The Magnificent Itch

0443_EPA_Syd.jpgAnimation company The Magnificent Itch has just finished a short film for the Environment Protection Agency.

The short is about Air Pollution in Sydney. It's a very complex subject that needed a lot of information explained. The Itch directors decided early on not to use motion graphics to impart the data, but to focus on narrative and character.

EPA_02243.jpgSays Stefan Wernik, director: ''We really wanted to weave a narrative into what could be a lot of very dry information. It makes it far more interesting for us and most importantly the audience to watch. There are so many explainer films out there so I think you have get more creative when getting the ideas across, especially for government agencies."

Using a simple yet evocative narrative this film explains the causes and effects and asks the question, 'What's the air quality like where you are today?'

As the film was likely to be used for a long time, so it was decided, style wise , to give the film an almost retro timeless quality. It's a mixture of 3D and 2D elements and is inspired by illustrations in old science textbooks. The team worked hard to give everything a hand drawn look and all the 3D animation was created on '2's' to give it a 2D feel.

The film is a finalist in the Australian Effects and Animation Festival.

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Director: Stefan Wernik
Producer: Guy Jamieson
Production Company: The Magnificent Itch
Designer: Alexander Watson
Designer: Jason Pamment
Animator: Arthur Collie
Animator: Gareth Rhodes
2D FX Animator: Quentin Cordonnier
2D Animator: Andrew Bowler
Modelling/Texturing: Agathe Jeannin
Rendering: Nathan Corkish
Comping: Mary Benn
Comping: Michael Blanche
Comping: Jason Morice
Composer: Stephen Frost
Voice Actor: Natasha Beaumont

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